Hemp Oil Extract Melatonin Gummies ֠300mg ֠30ct ֠Nano Hemp Extract ֠Zero THC ֠USA Made ֠Sleep Aid ֠Relaxation ֠Insomnia Relief

With many years of experience, Pure Hemp prides itself on providing top quality products at the most competitive prices on the market. Pure Hemp’s team is committed to being ahead of the newest trends in the industry while maintaining the highest quality ingredients.
Pure Hemp sources their hemp from an Industrial Hemp farm that produces some of the most rich, Medicinal Hemp in the USA. Our Hemp is completely isolated through CO2 extraction & crystal precipitation & is of the highest grade, pesticide free, Non-GMO hemp in the world. These Industrial Hemp Farms are fully compliant with the State Department of Agriculture regulations & are large US distributors of Medicinal Hemp.
Pure Hemp is most proud of the thousands of customers they’ve helped find affordable, potent, American made, non-GMO Hemp products!
– No THC
– 100% Organic
– No GMO
– CO2 Extraction
– Third Party Lab Tested

100% Organic
THC Free
300MG / 30 Gummies











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