How To Perfectly End Your Dissertation: Dissertation Conclusion Writing

Writing a dissertation is a basic need of every student who is pursuing a career in the higher education system. Normally students have to complete the dissertation at the end of their final semester where they must have to select a topic for the dissertation which should be based on the specialisation at selected at the very beginning of the program.


A dissertation consists of a huge amount of words and it has never been easier for the students to meet the standards and the requirements of the dissertation throughout their first interaction with the research process. The dissertation consists of a huge structure which demands a lot of factors and components that are must be fulfilled to get the desired results of custom dissertation writing throughout the process. The entire structure of the dissertation consists of the detailed chapters which are further divided into different components. Students are advised to learn and understand the procedure and the entire structure along with the components to enhance the quality of the research and to meet the standards at the same time.


Each chapter of the dissertation has its own significance and objectives that help the entire research to serve its purpose in the completion of the dissertation. Similarly, the conclusion is the final and the most important chapter of the research process which has its limitations and restrictions that helps to achieve its objective and purpose in the dissertation writing.


Before writing anything about the dissertation conclusion it is good for the students to first understand and learning that what exactly is a dissertation conclusion.


What Is Dissertation Conclusion?

The conclusion of a dissertation is the last chapter of the thesis which includes the summary of the entire research talking about the key concepts and outcomes throughout the dissertation writing. There are certain limitations for the conclusion of a dissertation and these limitations are related to words and the information. This is exactly what makes the conclusion of the dissertation tougher for the students as it is never easy to write a summary of key concepts along with the restriction or limitation of words. It may sound or seem easy for the students to write a small number of words, but it has never been easier.


Certain questions come into the mind of the students such as what are the limitations of the words and information throughout the process of writing a conclusion for the dissertation. Normally a conclusion of the dissertation is the 5 to 7 per cent of the entire word count of the research, for example, if your research is based on twelve thousand words so your conclusion should be around 600 words. So, let's see step by step process that can help students to complete writing their conclusion and to perfectly end their research as per the standards and the requirements.


 Steps Involved In Writing A Conclusion For Dissertation

  • It has been a challenge for the students to understand as to where to start and how to end writing a conclusion for the dissertation. There is no doubt that it is a complex procedure of writing a summary e of a huge amount of words within a limitation of words.

The first step is all about answering the research questions that students had developed at the very beginning of the research. The conclusion provides you with an opportunity to show the results and the goals achieved throughout the process of dissertation writing so that if you just could understand the core value and objective of the research. It is a must for the students to restate the thesis throughout the process of writing a conclusion for the thesis.


  • In the second step of writing a conclusion of the thesis, it is recommended for the students to summarise their findings of the research effectively. It is obvious that readers know everything about your research as they have been reading the entire dissertation from the very beginning. Mostly students repeat the information used in the previous chapters which conclude boring for the readers.

Instead of just summarising the chapters of the dissertation, students are advised to state their results and findings to support the topic through logical and desired results and findings. For example, in conclusion, you can say that X has a significant impact on Y and Z as per the results and the findings. This will make your research more authentic and logical.


  • Give the key recommendations throughout the process of writing a conclusion for the thesis. This will help you to call for additional studies for the selected topic of the thesis.
  • The dissertation has always meant to be a contribution from the side of the researcher so it has to be as per the standards. while writing a conclusion for the thesis, students are advised to show their contribution that they have achieved throughout the process of the research. You can state the main problem and can explain how your studies had solved the problems by showing the logical reasoning and evidence.