Need to import a car from Japan to the USA?


Schumacher Cargo Logistics has over 40 years of experience in shipping cars to the US from Japan. As a Japanese auto importer, we ship cars from Japan all across America.


Read our guide importing vehicles from Japan below and begin your shipment today! 


Japanese Import Car in USA

How to Import a Car from Japan


If you would like to find out the way to import a car from Japan, you’ve come to the simplest place. Throughout the years, many of us have wondered the way to import cars from Japan. There are rare cars people want to import just like the Nissan GTR, Toyota Supra, and MR2. Slowly these cars are entering the US and can become more commonplace over subsequent decade as they gain eligibility to enter the country.read more about car import from japan to bangladesh.


Japanese Car Import Guide

When shipping a car to the US from Japan, start with the small print of your import. a couple of of the items you ought to have in mind are the vehicle eligibility, origin, and destination. With this info we will begin to figure with you on completing your import.


Check Vehicle Eligibility

Get a Quote to Ship the Car

Ship the Car from Japan

Receive the Car within the US

Make Sure the Car Can Enter the USA

When shipping a car from Japan to the USA, you would like to form sure the vehicle can legally enter. US customs is extremely strict on what sort of vehicles are eligible. If the car may be a returning US vehicle, there shouldn't be a problem . Otherwise, your vehicle will need to meet specific exemptions to enter.


One of the foremost common exemptions is that the Japanese vehicle must be over 25 years old. during this circumstance the vehicle is assessed as a classic car and doesn't got to meet EPA and DOT regulations. Starting in 2020, vehicles produced before 1995 become eligible under this rule.


The other thanks to import cars from Japan is to import them temporarily. With this sort important , there's no got to make changes to the vehicle. during this instance, the tradeoff is that the car must leave within 1 year of entry. 


Once you start working together with your Schumacher representative, they're going to further advise you on the wants to import your car from Japan.


Reasons to import a car from Japan temporarily:








Find out what proportion it Costs to Import a Car from Japan

The cost to ship a car from Japan to USA depends on the specifics of the shipment.


Below are some factors that affect import shipping prices:


The particular vehicle details

Selected origin/destination ports

Travel distance of your vehicle to and from the ports

Shipping service used for ocean transit

Those are just a few of the factors that affect the worth of shipping a car from Japan to the us . As an example the value to import car from Japan to LA are going to be cheaper than to NY even with all else an equivalent . For this reason, our representatives create a custom quote for every shipment.


To see what proportion it might cost to import your car from Japan to the US, please fill out our Online Quote Form. Select USA as your destination country and you'll be ready to add more specifics later within the form.


Ship the Car from Japan to the US

Once you comply with a quote, we will collect the vehicle from Japan and start shipping it to the US. Alternatively you'll drop off the vehicle at the port warehouse also . With our transport network, people have actually bought cars in Japan without ever seeing them overseas. As your car enters the port warehouse, we’ll get all the vehicle able to ship. Then because the ship leaves, you'll receive a Bill of Lading and notification with the estimated ETA.

Import the Car within the US from Japan

The car will enter one among our port warehouses and start to clear customs. then , your vehicle are going to be able to go and we’ll allow you to know your car is cleared within the US.


Origin Import Destinations

Our main warehouses where Japanese cars will enter the US are as follows:


Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth, NJ

Houston, TX

Savannah, GA

Miami, FL

From these warehouses the car are often transported right to your door. Alternatively you'll also devour the vehicle from the warehouse itself. All that’s left then is to enjoy your Japanese car on the American roads