How a New Garage Door Increases a Home's Value!



Many homeowners seek ways to increase the value of their homes, usually by adding square footage, renovating the kitchen or bath, or installing smart-home technology. While these improvements can greatly impact your home’s value, installing a new garage door can raise the value of your home. This article will teach you how a new garage door can increase the worth of your home.


A new garage door can make your home more attractive

According to real estate appraisers, curb appeal is your first opportunity to make a favorable impression. The facade of your home should entice a potential buyer to enter the front door. Adding curb appeal can increase its value by up to 12%. Even if you are not selling, putting some work on the exterior of your home brings pride and satisfaction. 


The average garage accounts for at least 30% of a home's exterior, so a big surface area allows you to make that good first impression. Perhaps your home has seen a lot of wear and tear over the years, and you just want to bring it back to its former glory days. Replacing your old garage door with a brand new one can bring your home back to life and improve its curb appeal. With so many textures, materials, colors, finishes, and styles available, a custom garage door can give your home the refreshing touch it needs


A new garage door can make your home low-maintenance

The value of your property will increase if it is easier to maintain. The older the garage door, the more upkeep it requires. You may be wasting money on maintenance. For example, you will have to scrape and repaint your wooden garage door regularly. You may have to de-ice your frozen garage door in the winter constantly. 


When correctly installed by specialists, a new garage door should last long without causing any issues. Insulated garage doors are less likely to freeze during cold months. And if you prefer the look of painted wood, new doors in eco-friendly materials with faux-finishes that imitate the beauty of natural wood minus the maintenance are also available.


A new garage door can make your home more energy efficient

Buyers want a home that can save them money on energy bills. Installing an insulated garage door is an effective way to optimize a home’s energy efficiency. Potential buyers will most likely choose a house with a thermally-efficient garage door.


An overhead garage door with a solid, continuous layer of polyurethane foam can add to the overall energy efficiency of your home in two ways. The weather stripping minimizes drafts, and the insulation protects against temperature fluctuations, making it easier and less expensive to keep the garage warm in winter and cool in summer. The stable temperature in the garage helps lower the energy expended by your HVAC system.


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