Essential dry goods for pregnant women (2)


Last time we shared with you the required dry goods and collected a lot of new mothers. This period continues, the weather turns cooler, we remembervisa extension hong kong to add clothes oh.

Baby carriage

Pushchair is also a must. After the full moon, when the weather is good, you can take your baby to the neighborhood or park. Let the baby breathe fresh air and sunshine. The stroller should be able to lie flat and sit. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of strollers, with prices ranging from braun forehead thermometer a few hundred to a few thousand. High landscape, two-way, good shock absorption, foldable, etc. There are really a lot of choices. At that time I was thinking that the stroller would be more durable and portable. So I thought about buying a stroller that could lie down and sit and fold. I've been using it for over a year now and it's not working very well, so I don't recommend it to anyone. I recommend having a neighborhood that is easy to walk around, you can buy a stroller with a high field of view, and then start with the simplest stroller. It's easy to go out with a simple stroller after the baby sits. If you want to take a step forward and can get on a plane for a long trip, then check out some of the big name strollers. After all, many of them have a good reputation.


Thermometer design is also through the dry goods, pregnancy began to be we have been enlightened Braun ear temperature gun. Previously bought Braun 6500 this product is a kind of monitor work did not carry the light, so they can not see at night when measuring the temperature. Later, when sugar baby had a fever, she dropped it. o (╥﹏╥) o... Later bought such a Braun 6520 this is a light, but students use it is also very chicken, because too bright touching the dark will not find where the Chinese baby's ears. Embarrassment ̄□ ̄||. And there are 3 modes, with the trouble will be as well as some, in fact, the old new models are OK. ear temperature gun is relatively simple and convenient to use, babies are not able to resist, is the ambient temperature changes will have a certain error, so I generally enterprises are not side ear measurement 2 to 3 times to take the average analysis is good. There is a baby's family education or life essential, even if the company did not affect the baby for their own can also be used well. Hehehe...

Shower gel shampoo

Now many are bath and shampoo. Use a big brand, and to be safer. The first thing I give my child is a shell kiss and squeeze is a bubble. I think it's better. Now using a few brands of hello flash, Ivino, California's baby eucalyptus bubble bath are good. Baby baths, especially if the baby is not using bath gel every bath, can be used the next day. Sometimes the baby does not sweat too much, direct cleaning of the water can be cleaned. My advice is that baby mothers use well-known brands, it is recommended that you can buy your own bubble machine, direct bubble better.

Body lotion

Read a lot of posts, many people recommend California baby marigold cream. I have this cream and it's not bad. Very wet but more suitable for winter, my brother was born with severe sugar bean eczema, also use this cream has some effect. Then when we took the baby to the pool, the staff recommended a santa tea cream and it worked well. So now we use these two creams at home.

Cotton swabs

Newborn babies still use small cotton swabs to clean areas such as the navel, nose and ear wax. This one too. I always use cotton swabs. Just keep a box or two around the house.

Water thermometer

This thing is small, but I think it's necessary. The temperature of the baby bath can not be too hot or too cold. Water temperature 37-40 degrees is more appropriate. And we adults feel a little lower, with a water thermometer is much more convenient. There are many kinds on the market, with a thermometer looks very intuitive. Temperature-sensitive can be used as a bath toy.






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