Customer Satisfaction Score

Your help desk’s ultimate goal is to keep your customers satisfied with how their issues were resolved and how the communication with your brand went. To achieve this goal, the Customer Satisfaction Score should be measured and analyzed on a regular basis. Customer feedback to enable CSAT measurement can be gathered in several ways. For example, companies can send surveys to customers as soon as their issue is resolved or have a form on their website for customers to leave feedback. All the acquired data is used to measure CSAT (usually expressed as a percentage). Also, this indicator is closely connected with other metrics, including First Call Resolution.

While customers expect an answer from support promptly, the ultimate goal of contacting your help desk is to have their issues resolved successfully. Resolution Rate shows the percentage of issues resolved by help desk agents from the total number of tickets received. This KPI allows you to measure your agents’ efficiency, identify issues that your agents can’t resolve and provide them with appropriate training to fill in knowledge and skill gaps.

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