Konkurs z Mugoloznawstwa [2]

1. Don't go _____  your emotion, lay all your _____ on me

2. I don't want to _____, I sometimes wish I'd never been _____ at all

3. And I just can't _____ how you could be so _____ now that I'm gone

4. Oh, darling, all of the city _____, never shine as _____ as your eyes

5. Niech _____ nie ma końca, ze mną będzie zachód słońca i... _____

6. I don't wanna say _____, 'cause this _____ means forever

7. Why are you sittin' at home on the _____? What kind of _____ are you on?

8. I could be your Peter _____, you could be my Mary Jane, sorry that I'm not Tom _____, he doesn't like you anyway

9.  Parla, la gente purtroppo _____, non sa di che _____ parla

10. _____ the breath from my open mouth, never _____ how it broke me down