UFC on ESPN 33 Betting Odds, Preview and Predictions

UFC on ESPN 33 Betting Odds, Preview and Predictions


UFC Fight Night March 26 Red Background


Our UFC on ESPN 33 chances and expectations covers every one of the thirteen battles, a short summary of every session, and a glance at wagering picks and top 벳무브  MMA prop wagers for each battle.

We've incorporated our parlay wagers for Fiorot and Slavoclaus, and why we chose the two sessions. For more UFC wagering system, begin with our MMA Guide.


UFC on ESPN 33 Odds for Main Event: Curtis Blaydes versus Chris Daukaus

Our headliner includes the rising star Daukaus against one more high performing heavyweight in Blaydes. Curtis Blaydes has lost to Ngannou two times, coming in as the #1 in the two battles, - 150 and - 240. He lost the twice. Oddsmakers and wagering lines love Blaydes. He's been the number one from opening to shut in each of the four of his UFC misfortunes and each UFC battle he's had tracing all the way back to 2016.

Daukaus was the #1 at - 135 in his misfortune to Lewis. He was the dark horse in his misfortune to Rodrigo Nascimento in his UFC debut at +200, however kept the most loved status throughout the following three battles including the misfortune to Lewis.

Duakaus is a spread and fight warrior with knockout power, yet I wouldn't consider him a kickboxer. Blaydes is a comparable story, depending on his wrestling against the best strikers and his power against maturing stars like Junior Dos Santos and Alistar Overeem.


Story of the Tape for Blaydes versus Daukaus

Fighter    Curtis 'Razor' Blaydes     Chris Daukaus

Age    31    32
Height    6'4''    6'3''
Reach/Stance    80'' Orthodox    76'', Orthodox
Record    15-3, (1 NC)    12-4
Entries/TKO in UFC    0/5    0/4
Contender Training Camp    Elevation Fight Team    Martinez BJJ
Show up For Last Fight     265    250
Normal Takedowns each 15 Minutes     6.67    0.0
Takedown Defensive Percentage    33%    100%

Daukaus is the more modest warrior in virtually every classification. One of Blaydes benefits is the way frequently he predominates different heavyweights. Warriors like Abdurakhimov, who have a typical load of 235, perform frightfully against Blaydes concerning catching. Daukaus surrendered fifteen pounds, as did Volkov, Rozenstruik, and Dos Santos. These more modest warriors end up threw around by Blaydes or basically strolled through. The main men to beat Blaydes, Lewis and Ngannou, are 260 pounds or more, slicing to make the division weight.


Battle Camps for Daukaus versus Blaydes

Daukaus is currently at his home exercise center, Martinez BJJ. While Martinez BJJ isn't loaded up with slouches, it has not many top level contenders and competing accomplices. There are no elite molding mentors or much previous UFC competitors at the exercise center. By and large, this is a decision of heart and old neighborhood for Daukaus, not one fixated on moving his MMA game forward.


Daukaus' physical make-up looks less amazing than expected and comes in far under Blaydes weight.
Blaydes is at Elevation close by Nate Marquart and other UFC notables. Magny, Dober, Gaethjie and twelve other top level MMA competitors are working at Elevation. Blaydes ought to get a benefit in UFC on ESPN 33 wagering chances given his preparation climate.


Wagering Odds for Daukaus versus Blaydes

Wager Available at Betonline.ag    Odds
Chris Daukaus Money Line    +310
Curtis Blaydes Money Line    -410
North of 1 ½ Rounds    -205
Under 1 ½ Rounds     +165
Goes all the way 'No'    -280
Blaydes by Points     +250
Blaydes by TKO    -110
Daukaus by TKO    +475
Daukaus by Submission    +1200
Daukaus in Round 1     +600
Blaydes in Round 1 by TKO     +450
Win Inside Distance - Goes Distance = No Action: Blaydes    -325
Win Inside Distance - Goes Distance = No Action: Daukaus     +250
Goes to Decision     +220


Blaydes opened as a - 300, dropping more than 100 focuses toward shutting. Daukaus acquired 70 from +250 to +320, and his prop wagers aren't vastly improved. His moneyline is a preferred payout over a significant number of his completing props, showing a portion of the wagers are shaky because of the blessing of bettors, oddsmakers 스보벳  and constant line development. These UFC on ESPN 33 wagering chances see a Blaydes finish, with one of the top wagers on the ticket being a Blaydes TKO at - 110.


UFC Prop Betting Predictions

I would avoid the Over prop, considering that every one of the five of Daukaus' battles in the UFC have been gets done, win or lose. Blaydes has completed three of his last five battles, and he's been taken out two times by Ngannou.I don't think Daukaus has that sort of force, yet basically we know it's workable for Blaydes to be taken care of.

In the event that Blaydes chooses to utilize a wrestling focused win, it typically finishes in a choice. I think our result depends intensely on which Curtis Blaydes appears, the wrestling centered warrior or the kickboxer.


UFC on ESPN 33 Fight Prediction

Against contenders with quality takedown safeguard, Blaydes is glad to win choices in stand up fights. In his last battle with Rozenstruik, he was patient and hoped to utilize takedown chances to win adjusts instead of continually looking for the completion.


Daukaus' UFC Performances

Of the four contenders Daukaus has crushed, Oleinik has the best typical takedowns at 2.16. I figure Blaydes can be the main contender to get the takedown on the off chance that he needs it. Nascimento is the biggest rival Daukaus has beaten at 246, twenty pounds under the heaviness of Blaydes, who slices weight to make the 265 heavyweight limit. The distinction in size will lurch, as it for the most part is in Blaydes battles.

Daukaus' jawline isn't being referred to after one first round knockout to Lewis, yet it ought to be figured in that every one of Daukaus' battles have been under completes win or lose. Blaydes capacity to battle to the choice when the circumstance calls for it is something anticipated contenders like Daukaus should create inside the enclosure.


UFC on ESPN 33 Prediction

Daukaus would be the littlest man to beat Blaydes. While he's crushed three heavyweights in succession, he hasn't invested his effort in against mid level contenders and previous heroes the manner in which Blaydes has. Blaydes kickboxing and wrestling is at a more significant level. While I need to put everything on the line, I see Blaydes advancing into a warrior that needs to win more than he needs to wrap up. Our UFC on ESPN 33 wagering pick is Curtis Blaydes at - 410.



UFC on ESPN 33 Odds for Main Card

We're separating exhaustively your wagering choices for each battle on the primary card, combined with a specialist MMA breakdown that ought to clear up any disarray about our determinations and why you ought to pick these wagers.

Here is an outline of each of the five UFC on ESPN 33 expectations:

Joanne Wood +3.5 Points Spread at - 190
Askar Askarov Money Line at - 365
Matt Brown Money Line at - 105
Ilir Latifi Money Line at - 205
Viacheslav Borschev Money Line at - 146



Joanne Wood versus Alexa Grasso

Our co-headliner highlights two flyweights known for high striking volumes and energizing battles. Grasso has been the number one since her 2018 session with Suarez at +450, a battle she lost by first round accommodation.
Wood was a +300 dark horse in her misfortune to Santos in November 2021. Her gentle dark horse status isn't is business as usual, she's lost her last two and has gone 2-5 over her last seven battles. Wood's best wins include high punch volumes, piling up 109 over Seo Hee Ham, 115 over Valerie Letourneau and 148 over Jessica in her latest win. She lost as the #1 to warriors like Lauren Murphy at - 132, and Jennifer Maia at - 189. During her 14 battle UFC vocation, she has won as the dark horse two times, over Valerie Letourneau at +132 and Lipski at +215.


Story of the Tape for Grasso versus Wood

Fighter    Alexa Grasso    Joanne 'Jojo' Wood
Age    28    36
Height    5'5''    5'6''
Reach/Stance    66'' Orthodox     65'' Orthodox
Record    13-3    15-7
Entries/TKO in UFC    0/0    1/1

Contender Training Camp

 Lobo Gym, UFC Performance Institute

Misfortunes through Sub/TKO in UFC    1/0    4/0

Grasso is more youthful by eight years, which in ladies' battling appears to offer sturdiness yet not by and large power. She's done no battles at the UFC level, and has never wrecked an adversary. Every one of the three of her misfortunes have been within the UFC: Herrig at - 350, Esparza at - 145, and Suarez at +450. These misfortunes are names that you could perceive. At #11, I accept Grasso is underestimated and disregarded.
Every one of the seven of Joanne's misfortunes have come inside the UFC also. Her four accommodation misfortunes were essentially before her transition to Syndicate Martial Arts full time in late 2020. Her new exercise center offers her a preparation advantage over Grasso, whose Lobo Gym brags no other UFC or Bellator level contenders. Grasso is a purple belt in BJJ and it's far-fetched she'll prevail upon by means of accommodation the undeniably tricky Wood.


UFC Fight Night Betting Odds

Wager Available at Betonline.ag    Odds
Joanne WoodMoney Line    +199
Alexa Grasso Money Line    -234
North of 2 ½ Rounds    -335
Under 2 ½ Rounds     +260
Grasso by Points    -120
Wood by Points    +300
Wood by Submission    +800
Grasso - 3.5 Points    +155
Wood +3.5 Points    -190
Battle Goes to Decision    -280

Grasso has turned into the more grounded number one as we draw nearer to battle night. Notice how close the point spread is, with the Wood +3.5 being a preferable wagered over the Grasso - 3.5 bet. This shows a low probability of a completion, and the adjudicators seeing a nearby choice.
Wood is likewise bound to get done, as Grasso is yet to get her most memorable TKO or accommodation in the UFC.


UFC Prop Betting Predictions

The Over is a strong number one for an explanation, yet I have glaring misgivings of Grasso's accommodation safeguard. Wager's like battle goes to choice show the right chances for a UFC on ESPN 33 forecast, yet for the lower return I'm not persuaded that Wood can't complete this thing.


UFC on ESPN 33 Fight Prediction

Grasso will sometimes get into a firefight that sets as high as possible punch volumes. She seldom scores the takedown, and her last real takedown was in 2016 over Heather Clark. Her arrangement is consistently to outperform the other warrior and win the accommodation assuming that they accomplish a takedown.
Wood was looted against Lauren Murphy, landing 123 strikes to Murphey's 80.