HP Printer Offline: How to fix printer from going offline?


While using an HP printer, the most frequent error that came across in front of many people is Printer sudden goes offline. If anyone doesn’t have deep technical knowledge associated with HP printer, then they may get failed while trying to eradicate HP Printer Offline issue on their own. There are several reasons that lead to printer to go offline. But, most of the time this issue arises when there is no communication between printer and computer. Hence, user need to make sure that there is proper connection between these devices. After that, anyone can easily get rid of this issue.

If anyone has decided to buy a versatile printer for their office or home use, then HP Printer is one of the best they can consider to check out. Mostly HP printer consists scanner, copier and fax machine combined functionality and gives exceptional image printing experience. These printers are ideal for all types of businesses whether it’s a small or large. Also, the price range is in budget so that everyone can purchase them.

Look at the methods to fix HP Printer Offline issue swiftly

To bring this printer online again, user need to make sure that the printer is properly connected to computer. If anyone doesn’t know how to do that, or how to bring back printer online, then have a glimpse on the below noted points to exterminate this annoying issue:

  • Firstly, restart printer and wait for few minutes until printer is completely ready.
  • Now, check the connectivity and ensure all the cables are properly connected in USB and Ethernet port.
  • If printer is wireless and you are accessing wireless connection, then you need to make sure that you printer is connected to the exact network, internet access, and IP address.

After that, run test prints to see whether the problem is resolved or not. If the issue still persists, then jump to the next methods to resolve this frustrating error.

  • Within computer system, go for printer and devices from control panel option.
  • Select printer and right on it to open drop down menu.
  • Tap on click on see what’s printing and the click on Set as default printer option.
  • Under the “set as default printer” menu, you can see whether your printer status is offline or paused.
  • If you discover that the printer is paused, then simply tap on resume printing. Run a test print to see whether the problem is resolved or not.

If anyone goes after the above mentioned procedures carefully, then they can able to fix Printer offline issue in an efficient manner. But don’t get infuriated! If this issue still persists as with the help of online tech support professionals, anyone can easily bring back their HP printer online. Just give a ring to the helpline number and make conversation with highly experienced techies. After taking their appropriate guidance, anyone can easily eliminate printer offline issue.

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