Information technology: what it is, salary?

If you are a high school student or have recently finished school and are now looking for a higher education, it is natural that you have doubts. After all, there are many options for courses that are on the rise, as is the case with Information Technology .

Those who like to develop new things and deal with technology may also be interested in courses such as Information Systems , Computer Science and Software Engineering .

In this post, we will stick to explaining about Information Technology , presenting everything you need to know about the course. Follow!

MCITP Database Administrator
This MCITP certification certifies that a person has a specific set of skills that are required to carry out the responsibilities of a database administrator. This Microsoft certification provides professionals with a strong understanding of deploying, building, designing, optimizing and operating technologies. 

What is Information Technology?
The Information Technology (IT) is part of so - called professions of the future , as this area tends to expand much on account of the evolution of information technology and digital resources,

It is an area of ​​knowledge whose professionals are trained to work in companies, using technology as their main work tool.

Thus, through the knowledge of technological resources, the IT area serves as support for the execution of activities of other departments of the companies. The sectors of accounting, planning, goods production, design, press and media production, in general, are some examples of those who can count on the support of the Information Technology professional.