Primary Source Assignment Template Form

Primary Source Assignment Form

Modern Europe

[Student Name]

  1. What is the title of your primary source? Provide a link and bibliographic entry here.


  1. Who is the author of your primary source?


  1. When was it published?


  1. What makes this source a primary source and not a secondary source?


  1. Address the content of the document. What is the synopsis of your source? What are the main ideas? What claims does the author make? Answer in 50-100 words.


  1. What was the goal of the author? (persuade, inform, create, or other). Answer in 50-100 words.


  1. Assess the reliability of this document. What do other documents or sources say about this source? Is there anything that contradicts or compounds the reliability of this source? To what degree can this source be trusted? Answer in 50-100 words.


  1. Assess the context of this document. Was it used outside its time, e.g. something written in 1848 being used in 1918, or written in 1848 discussing an event in 1799? Did someone take this document and use it in another context? How does this change from the original meaning? Answer in 50-100 words.


  1. What are your final thoughts and reflections on this primary source? Answer in 50-100 words.


  1. What biblical applications can you take away from this source? How can you use empathy and the concept of humanity being made in the image of God into this? Can you see how man exemplifies his fallen nature? Use these questions to add to your reflection.