How to Set Up AOL Email in Outlook Account?

AOL is one of the free web-based email clients which has a great user-base. It supports POP3, SMTP, IMAP protocols. Even though AOL offers a lot of features, due to certain limitations users have to face challenges. To get an edge over those complexities, MS Outlook is a great option. Microsoft Outlook supports various data such as Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, etc., and you can access your data Offline and Online. Mailbox data can be accessed over various platforms including MAC, IOS, Android, and Windows. In MS Outlook you can also sort and arrange your Emails in Folders.


Everyone wants better security of their stored data. Besides, a maintained data hierarchy is also important to fetch the data easily. However, the management of Email messages in AOL is tricky. That’s why users need to Set Up AOL mail in Outlook Account. Apart from that AOL email client possesses some restrictions as well that are kind of limitation to AOL users.

Limitations that AOL Users Face

  1. AOL can send 100 recipients per message and 50 recipients per connection.
  2. SMTP restriction expiry method is not available.
  3. The size of its Email attachment has a limit of up to 25 MB.
  4. If the aol mail account is inactive for 90 days then it may be deactivated.
  5. AOL supports calendar but it is only accessible on Desktop web browser and AOL desktop gold.

Why Do People Prefer Outlook over AOL Mail and Need to Set Up AOL Email In Outlook?

Before migrating your AOL account to outlook, let’s explore the reasons behind this migration.

  • Outlook Provides better security.
  • It maintains the data structure of the account.
  • Users can access the data online and offline as well.
  • You can create an archive of your PST and OST files.
  • Stay connected to your social sites such as Facebook, etc.

Before setting up AOL on Outlook users have to enable apps that use the less secure sign-in option in AOL security. To do so, go through the further steps:

  1. First, access the aol mail login web site and enter valid credentials to sign in.
  2. Now, go to your AOL profile and tap on Options.
  3. Here, select Account info