Hidden Wiki update

 We have up to date the hidden wiki with new v3 .onion one-way links.

Due to the fact the previous type of backlinks will no lengthier be supported by the Tor job quickly.

Not all .onion websites have transformed their URL to the new edition yet, so we will continue on to incorporate them as shortly as they do improve their area.

Why will the old hyperlinks no for a longer period be supported?

The Tor task will drop help for the aged brief hidden service area names for the reason that the cryptographic power of individuals outdated domains is no for a longer time excellent adequate, with super personal computers virtually being able to regenerate .onion domains of other people.

For this motive it was time to adjust to for a longer time keys and for a longer period area names, which will be secure for the future 50 or a hundred a long time.

What do i have to do?

To browse to new .onion backlinks, all you have to do is use one of the modern versions of the Tor browser.

If you did not update your Tor browser for a quite prolonged time, then it is now it's possible a excellent time to make an update.

In any other case there is very little you will have to do.

The Concealed Wiki

We at the concealed wiki will go on to present working .onion one-way links, even just after the improve to the new fashion of area names by the Tor task.

And we will try out to supply only the most legit website back links, which have a great status in the neighborhood.

Mainly because other concealed wiki sites occasionally deficiency this form of treatment when it arrives to giving people links. So constantly be careful


when trusting other internet sites listing .onion one-way links, they could be bogus.

We hope to offer a thing that has benefit to folks hunting to browse the dark world-wide-web. If you need a lot more one-way links you can examine a single of the other connection lists we list on major of the concealed wiki.