Interior painting requires as careful preparation of surfaces as does exterior painting. The finish coat may be either a flat wall paint or a semi-gloss enamel. Scroll through interior room photos below to view our wide selection of interior paint products to meet your needs. A pastel hue such as this works as well in a brand new home as it does in a centuries-old farmhouse, because colors inspired by nature have a timeless appeal.

New dry plaster in good condition, which is to be finished with a paint other than water paint, should be given a coat of primer-sealer and allowed to dry thoroughly before being inspected for uniformity of appearance. Light, buttery hues reflect artificial light luminously without the risk of overpowering the space, as a bolder shade might.

Paint: 'Caddie', £42.50 for 2.5 litres matt emulsion, from Paint & Paper Library Coffee coloured wall paint brings warmth to this tropical themed room, which is part of a bold decoration scheme that focusses on statement sofas with chic accessories to match.

While most dark paints make a low-light room feel smaller and more confining, chocolate is a warm, inviting shade that makes a space cozy Balance this strong color with light accents, such as white woodwork, pale carpeting, or patterned fabrics, to keep the look from feeling too heavy.

While it can be tempting to get painting as soon as possible when you want to decorate a room, it's worth taking the time to make sure your room and surfaces are best prepared before you begin. It may be used on room wall but majorly is one of the bedroom paint designs for girls or couples.

It is not a wonder that most of the young girl's bedrooms today have pink paintings whether of Cinderella or girly designs. Sometimes they are used on the wall without anything even inside them, just offering a unique square of color contrast. 3. After that, it's now time to focus in choosing the paint finish because this can alter the feeling that you want to create.

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