New Launch Properties

Bangalore! Words fall short of elaborating on the beauty of the city as it is pitch-perfect terms of almost all the aspects. Many people globally buy properties in the city as it has a huge potential of value and appreciation in the future. From plots to a ready to move in one, everything comes with the best in class features, infrastructure, appreciation, Resale value, etc.


Having such potential, it is evident that the price is also higher, especially when you are looking for a safer, sound, and long-lasting option. All this is bound to the credibility factor, and yes, it is necessary to look for such options in places where you can expect a lot of demand and growth in the upcoming future. Considering such aspects, people generally purchase properties, but do you, which is the smartest investment strategy in this? Smartest here means "pay less, earn more!"


This can happen in the case of new launch properties. The new launch properties are the ones that are still under construction or an upcoming venture. Precisely brands like the Sobha group, Prestige group are the most reliable if you consider pre-launch, New launch kind of properties.


New launch properties during their promotion come with a considerable discount, offers, early-bird prices, and many such cut-offs that could be a boon to us if applied right! Precisely, the New launch of such builders is cheaper that be a boon to your overall investment even in terms of returns provided, which you have a very cross-check of the documentation, registration, and approvals from government authorities.


Not only this, but New launch property investments also come with a plethora of benefits, which is something even young investors can look forward to. By investing in such properties, you are only buying one of its units and an investor who can customize it as per your requirements.


That being said, there are many more reasons why investing in a new launch could be fruitful! Here are a few reasons as to why New launch is such a treasure if you invest now;


1. Secure payment mode

2. Customize the way you need

3. Smart and safe investment

4. Luxury at a minimal cost

5. Loads of discounts and offers!


1. Secure payment mode: When it comes to home, most of us generally opt for a loan scheme that suits our interests to buy the same. In case of ready to move in, your EMI repayment starts from the day you occupy, whereas in case of the new launch, you will be happy to know that your EMI wouldn't really start before the occupancy date so yeah till the construction ends you are at a safer side!


This way, the investor could even be benefited with an interest-free amount of loan that would even give a push to the builders to complete the project sooner. Thus, it is a convenient scheme for those who cannot pay rent and EMIs.


2. Customize the way you need: One of the prime advantages of owning a new launch apartment is that you can quickly get it customized the way you desire from the configurations of the room to the ambiance adding wall paints, furniture, Floor plan, etc. As it is known that ready to move in flats limit your creativity to the builder's designs in the case of the new launch, you will have the privilege to get personalized designs and customization to an extent where you will feel more like home.


These are concerned with the minor changes that are compatible with the property's basic structure and infrastructure.


3. Smart and safe investment: Investing in a new launch comes with a lot of financial benefits from the loan repayment option to the reduction in the total value of the property. Generally, new launches are sold at a lesser than usual rate for which you could save a lot of money here. Secondly, if you are luckily owning this from a renowned buyer in a vibrant locale that is potential enough to create demand, you surely earn a vast amount of rentals every month. The resale and appreciation value of such properties are generally higher than the actual property value.


Even in your case, the property rate would be estimated based on the actual value of it than the value of initially purchased. Furthermore, it is best suggested to register your property under market value to expect a high rise than the guidelines value if the location has future demand. Now isn't this a blessing in disguise?


4. Luxury at a minimal cost: Like mentioned before, buying properties before its possession date is sold at a lesser price. More than lesser prices, I can say that they are promoted with many exciting offers, early-bird discounts, and many such tactics that could be a boon to the buyer if analyzed well.


Not to forget that these rates may intrigue you for which it is best advised to have a cross-check of the necessary paperwork, documents, future potential, and such factors that may impact the hike on the demand of your prospective property. If you find it to be convincing and safe, then you can happily go for it.


5. Loads of discounts and offers: One of the prominent features of a new launch property is that it costs comparatively lesser than the property's actual value. This happens because of various offers and discount rates that motivate the buyer to invest in a property or so. It is an added advantage to even the young buyers. It is strategically accurate to invest in something with a discount now that has the potential to rise higher and higher in forthcoming days.


Additionally, the demand for buying such properties increases the development speed, which in return increases the property rates.


By now, you must be well equipped with the required information as to how New launch property investment can be better than the usual ready to move in one with many references and reasoning as mentioned above.


If you found this article satisfactory, let us know which of these points caught your attention? We would love to hear from you!