The Importance of SEO


The world is slowly coming to terms with the importance of Search Engine Optimization or 'SEO' as those in the industry will have it known. In a world that is becoming increasingly lived online, it is no longer just web geeks that need to put there websites in front of people online but businesses as well.

From multi million pound corporate businesses to the local cobbler, anyone can benefit from having a website that I optimised for the internet.

For many the penny is starting to drop. There is an increasing amount of success stories of people making money online and successful offline businesses are seeing that they could expand their empires infinitely.

Appearing on page 1 of Google for the main keywords in your industry could make your business explode and allow you to sell so much more than shop front in your local town or city. The main online industries like mattresses, furniture or jewellery illustrate this with the amount of competition.

But what is SEO and what do you actually have to do?
There are two main elements to SEO activity; on page and off page. On the page you need to ensure you have optimized content which includes you keywords but doesn't stuff it with them, long tail variants of your keywords amongst this copy and optimized meta tags - this mainly means your title tag.

Off page is the tougher part. Links on other people's sites illustrate how important and useful your site is so you need to find ways to encourage them to link to you. This could be through fantastic content, building relationships or even getting your wallet out if your conscience can live with going against Google's guidelines. Links to an external site.

For a small business, appearing on page 1 and even better within the top 3 for their key phrase can turn a successful living into a multi million pound extravaganza. But when deciding how to approach you SEO take care. It really takes an expert's touch, though there are a lot of sharks out there that will do a bad job and risk your website's future.

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