Unique Style of Architectural PVC Columns

Architectural columns can remarkably improve your custom home's curb attraction and make it stand out. Plus, they're often essential to help provide structural support to a second-floor balcony, porch roof, and other additions that make your custom home look amazing. Here are a few common styles of architectural columns:




Unique Styles of Architectural Columns


Architectural columns can be tailored into rough shapes, but they typically fall into two common styles – square and round. The correct column for your custom home will rely on several factors, including the front porch style of your custom home design.
Most architectural columns are utilized on the home's exterior and manage to provide structural support and design flair. They are one of the classic ranch architecture design concepts and appear in multiple other exterior styles. The anomaly to the exterior rule is interior columns, which are rarely structural and are clean for aesthetics. Here's an in-depth look into these unique styles of architectural columns:


1.    Square Columns


Square columns can offer an exciting look to the exterior of your home while also delivering load-bearing structural support. They can be simple, which is a square column without additions. Square columns can also be fluted, offering the column a "ridged" look and adding texture. They can also have involved or recessed panels.
A square column with used panels has paneling or molding to form a new look or mimic another material. For instance, a square column with applied paneling can look like timber without all of the maintenance issues with using wood. Square columns with open panels have a built-in panel that is barely depressed on each side of the column.


2.    Round Columns


Round columns can also add a striking and exciting look to the exterior of your home. Like square columns, they can be garnished and provide load-bearing structural support. In addition, they can keep your home's exterior design while also improving and securing the look together.
Round columns generally come in four styles. They can be fluted or straightforward, and each can be with or without tapering the upper column. So, relying on the style of your home, you can have explicit or fluted columns that sustain the same circumference from top to bottom. Or, you can get a more traditional tapered look where the upper two-thirds of the column barely tapers in to be more biased at the top of the column than at the base.


3.    Interior Columns


You will occasionally find columns inside the home. These are rarely used as a structural component and typically only for aesthetic reasons. Interior columns manage to follow similar styles to the exterior columns, so they will be round or square and plain, tapered, fluted, etc., depending on the home's design. Yet, because they are not considered load-bearing, interior columns manage to be made of drywall, while exterior columns are made of much sturdier materials.
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