The fortunes of 'OneCircle' and 'Curry' reversed 'OneCircle' tops 20 kills

'OneCircle' advanced to the finals in first place with 20 kills and 292 points during the Day 1 Group Stage match of the Eternal Return Masters Open #16, which was held online today. In addition, 'Nian', 'netizan', 'JCP_ER', 'gwork', 'AlTo', 'Lucete', 'NoDunAI_MT' and 'Mangnani_FR' qualified for the finals. Curry, who won the last individual event, finished in 19th place, 스포츠토토 dropping into the wildcard round.


After a disappointing showing at the Eternal Return Masters Open #14, 'OneCircle' showed a very aggressive game plan as he looked to make amends. He was the last man standing in the first three rounds, but he secured the top spot early by sweeping the most kills across the three rounds.


Playing in the next seven, eight and nine rounds, 'OneCircle' survived as the last man standing in round eight and picked up additional kills to finish with a final tally of 20 kills. 'OneCircle' had the most dominant performance of the tournament, 토토 posting a large point difference over second-place 'Nian'.


NoDunAI_MT successfully countered 'OneCircle's' dominance by staying alive as the last survivor through rounds one and two. However, they were unable to hold onto the top spot as they were quickly eliminated in round three, and did not perform as well in rounds seven through nine, finishing in eighth place in the final standings.


The biggest upset of the Eternal Return Masters Open #16 Individuals was the poor performance of the defending champion, Curry. At the last event, Curry dominated both the group stage and the final match to win the title. However, this time around, he didn't perform as well, falling to the wildcard round and following in the footsteps of last year's winner, 토토사이트 OneCircle.