Why Behind The Scenes Filmmakers Are Everyday Heroes

Pakistani film director Ali Imran Ch is an artist on a mission. In his own words, “If my videos bring positivity into anyone’s life, that will mean that I am successful in achieving my goal.” Through his previous work with Your Everyday Heroes, he has managed to accomplish just that. For example, he shot and directed the inspiring YEDH documentary on Umar Mughal, a graphic designer living with osteogenesis imperfecta.


We were deeply moved by Ch’s documentary, and we knew we wanted to continue working with him. In fact, we thought he’d be the perfect director to film our special project “Behind the Scenes.” This episode is unlike any other YEDH documentary in that it is not centered on one specific hero. Rather, it is a video illustration of our core belief: that anyone has the potential to be a hero.

“Behind the Scenes” Explained

This episode serves two purposes: aside from being a showcase of the principle that YEDH was founded upon, we wanted to give our audience an inside look into how our videos are made. In the end, even we ended up being surprised by the arduous process our directors undergo to tell the hero’s story.

For this episode, we tasked Ch and his film crew with what we thought was a simple project: create a TV commercial that illustrates the fact that anyone can be a hero. However, as we watched Ch and his crew labor to bring this vision to life, we soon realized that doing so was anything but simple. In many ways, the film crew unintentionally filled the “hero” role in this episode.

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Your Everyday Heroes has been proud to give you this small inside look into the making of our content. We are so grateful to Ali Imran Ch for his hard work and dedication. While he could have simply made an ordinary behind-the-scenes documentary, he took it a step further and incorporated a message into the project.