"Whatever does happen for a reason I do believe! I know many individuals feel the very same as I do due to the fact that if you recall over your life you will see that when chances provide themselves to you then you can either accept them or decline them. We can alter our lives on that one choice, can't we? However, if we reject something that is implied to be then in some way it will provide itself to us once again. We may take the possibility and go for it the 2nd time around but I understand people that have had opportunities presented lot of times prior to they take them. To have it often times when it was meant to be and as I said whatever does take place for a factor. It was definitely the correct road to take if it keeps returning till you accept it.

How persistent are some people that we just do not take it on the first presentation of the opportunity? It may be due to the fact that we don't believe we have the ability to get the job done or that we are simply scared of taking it and stopping working. It might even be that like myself I don't like change. I was incorrect not to opt for it and embrace the modification. This I understand now and I am glad I didn't let it go by once again or take the simple method out.


I have actually always believed I was born to be a salesperson as was my papa and now my brother and child. I do not like modification at all. It is something that always makes me wish to sob. It can be as simple as upgrading my smart phone and when attempting to get my settings done I simply sit and cry. What an infant you may be thinking but I digress from my story? When I drew back to work after having my children I worked at a sales training company and through that job did the courses myself as well as part hosting the seminars. I thought this was terrific and got a top salesperson each month for the year I was there. This was obviously due to not just me being excellent at it however if there was a prize or incentive I was on it.

For the next thirty years, all my positions were in sales and I enjoyed it. The business I am at now I have actually been at considering that 2006 and worked my way up to UK and EU Sales Supervisor with lots of changes taken on board like accounts, marketing, stock control and orders but I never expected what occurred recently. The feared changes leapt up and slapped me in the face. I guess I was too comfortable in this function. I existed with a brand-new difficulty to be a full-time Marketing Supervisor and oh my god it terrified me. I had a lot to learn about SEO and links, tags and page rankings and though I did have a look at the web I still held back. Then I had no option however to dip my toe in the water and now as you can tell I am doing articles right left and center and they all seem to make good sense. I have actually got the hang of it and I am running with it.

Several years earlier and aunt said to me you should write a book and I chuckled today I get it. Numerous crossroads that I took the wrong turn and ultimately it does happen and I took it. Better than I thought than be unemployed and I am pleased I did. The Hunter Fan Business is where I work and have actually done for almost 7 years and thank God for it due to the fact that I nearly did not take the original deal of a job due to the fact that I didn't have an idea about ceiling fans. I have a lot of them now in my home, some are ceiling fans with light, some are ceiling fan with a remote control but all of them are energy effective and conserve me money in the reverse function."