Turkish television series have developed into a craze and a popular subgenre.
You must know a lot of individuals who are addicted to the soap operas and dramas that have made it big in Spain, capturing the attention of millions of viewers even during prime time.
Turkish shows are available on Amazon Prime Video, while we can also watch several on TV.


Turkish Series 2023 for Free to Watch

There are some Turkish series that we may watch on Amazon Prime Video, despite the fact that the majority of Turkish soap operas are not on the service and are typically available on other channels or platforms like Mitele, Atresplayer Premium, or Netflix.
Usually, we may watch them on Dizi, the streaming service's Turkish series channel.

In exchange for a monthly fee, we may access a sizable number of Turkish series on Dizi, one of the channels that also offers Amazon Prime Video.
Dizi offers a 14-day trial period during which we can view all of the information without charge or permanence.
After these 14 days, the Dizi prize increases to 2.99 euros per month, which entitles us to stream a wide variety of Turkish television programs on Amazon Prime Video.