Them - The Even More Complete Them 1964-1966 (Prof. Stoned 2016/2021)

*** Original Decca Masters 1964-1966 ***

01. Don't Start Cryin' Now
02. One Two Brown Eyes
03. Gloria
04. Philosophy
05. Baby Please Don't Go
06. Here Comes the Night
07. All for Myself
08. Little Girl             *    (version one uncensored)
09. I Like It Like That         *^     (uncut version)
10. The Story Of Them             ^
11. Little Girl                 (album version)
12. Mystic Eyes             ^
13. Don't Look Back             ^
14. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66     ^
15. Baby What You Want Me to Do
16. Just a Little Bit
17. Bright Lights, Big City
18. (It Won't Hurt) Half as Much
19. Go On Home Baby             ^
20. My Little Baby
21. I Gave My Love a Diamond
22. One More Time
23. How Long Baby
24. I'm Gonna Dress In Black         ^
25. If You And I Could Be As Two     ^
26. You Just Can't Win 
27. Could You Would You
28. I Can Only Give You Everything
29. My Lonely Sad Eyes
30. Stormy Monday             ^
31. Times Gettin' Tougher Than Tough     ^
32. I Put a Spell on You
33. Call My Name                (album version)
34. Bring 'Em on In                (album version)
35. Don't You Know
36. Hey Girl
37. Friday's Child             #
38. Turn on Your Love Light
39. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
40. Bad or Good
41. Something You Got
42. I Got a Woman
43. Out of Sight
44. Hello Josephine
45. Call My Name                 (single version)
46. Bring 'Em on In                 (single version)
47. Richard Cory
48. Mighty Like a Rose
49. Richard Cory             #    (alternate version)

All Tracks are Mono except Tr. 48-49 are Stereo

*** BBC Sessions 1965 ***

01. Interview Billy Harrison         $     (BBC March 1965)
02. Here Comes the Night             (BBC March 1965)
03. Gloria                     (BBC March 1965)
04. All for Myself                 (BBC March 1965)
05. Gloria                     (BBC June 1965)
06. Interview Billy Harrison         $     (BBC June 1965)
07. One More Time                 (BBC June 1965)
08. Here Comes the Night             (BBC June 1965)

All Tracks are Mono

*** Demos, Sessions & Remixes 1964-1966 ***

01. Stormy Monday Blues             (demo 1964)
02. Got My Mojo Working            $    (demo 1964)
03. Don't Start Crying Now             (demo 1964)
04. Gloria                     (demo 1964)
05. One Two Brown Eyes                 (demo 1964)
06. Gloria                 #     (stereo 1965 remix)
07. One Two Brown Eyes             #     (stereo 1965 remix)
08. Turn On Your Love Light             (alternate 1964 version)
09. Baby Please Don't Go             (alternate take #4)
10. Here Comes The Night         #     (stereo 1965 remix)
11. I Gave My Love A Diamond         #    (alternate take)
12. Go On Home Baby             #     (stereo 1965 remix)
13. My Little Baby             #     (stereo 1965 remix)
14. (It Won't Hurt) Half As Much     $     (stereo 1965 remix but with missing overdub)
15. I'm Gonna Dress In Black         #     (stereo 1965 remix)
16. One More Time             #     (stereo 1965 remix)
17. How Long Baby                 (alternate take #1)
18. If You And I Could Be As Two     #     (stereo 1965 remix)
19. Friday's Child                 (stereo 2015 remix)
20. Here Comes the Night             (alternate take #2)
21. Go on Home Baby                 (alternate take #4)
22. I Gave My Love a Diamond             (alternate take #8)
23. (It Won't Hurt) Half as Much         (alternate take #2)
24. My Little Baby                 (alternate take #1)
25. One More Time                (alternate take #1)
26. Richard Cory                 (alternate version 2015 remix)

All Tracks are Stereo except Tr. 01-05 are Mono


All Tracks from the 2015 Sony Legacy release "The Complete Them 1964-1967" except the ones marked with:

* which appear here in unedited form, whereas edited versions have been used on "The Complete Them 1964-1967" 
^ which appear here with superior soundquality due to higher quality source material, as opposed to what was used on "The Complete Them 1964-1967" 
# which do not appear on "The Complete Them 1964-1967"
$ which remain unreleased altogether

Official Release Mastered by Dan Hersh
Compiled, Researched and tracks marked with */^/#/$ Transferred & Mastered by Prof. Stoned

(N.B.: The left and right channels of all mono master recordings from "The Complete Them 1964-1967" vary slightly and have been made true mono here by pasting the left channel over the right channel in an effort to reduce file size after conversion to FLAC. I have decided to share this collection in 16/44.1 only. You can get most of the material in Hi-Rez by buying it from HDdownloads.)  

For further details on the recordings, please see 'Them Studio Sessions' essay.


Bonus DVD 

01. Baby Please Don't Go (Ready Steady Go, UK TV, Broadcast: 20 November 1964)
02. Interview (UTV, Ireland, 4 January 1965)
03. Here Comes The Night (Live @ NME Pollwinners Concert, Empire Pool Wembley, 11 April 1965)
04. Turn On Your Lovelight (Live @ NME Pollwinners Concert, Empire Pool Wembley, 11 April 1965)
05. Mystic Eyes (Live @ Music Hall De France, French TV, Olympia, filmed late December 1965)
06. Gloria (Live @ Music Hall De France, French TV, Olympia, filmed late December 1965)
07. Gloria (Douches Eccosaises, French TV, filmed late December 1965)
08. Call My Name (Where The Action Is, US TV, filmed in London, 22 April 1966)
09. Mystic Eyes (Where The Action Is, US TV, filmed in London, 22 April 1966)
10. Dimples; unknown instrumental + band interview, I Put A Spell On You (Live @ Tiles Club, London, probably April 1966; Belgian TV show "Contrastes").
11. Mystic Eyes [Van Morrison backed by Cuby & The Blizzards] (Fan Club, Dutch TV, 11 April 1967) 
12. Interview (Fan Club, Dutch TV, 11 April 1967) 

All Tracks are Mono except Tr. 11 is the 'doctored' stereo version.

DVD Compiled, Researched and Authored by Hallucalation
Soundtrack Supervised by Prof. Stoned


v1.0: 25-11-2016
v1.1: 06-08-2021 (Bonus DVD, Essay & 'Got My Mojo Working'* added)
v1.2: 07-08-2021 ('Story of Them' restored back to original length, thx Arne!)
v1.3: 21-12-2021 (New version of 'Half As Much (stereo 1965 remix)' with Billy Harrison's backing vocals mixed in)

* This track appears here in mastertape quality and has previously only circulated with poor sound. Morrison vainly blocked it from the official release because Billy Harrison sings it.   


(Note from 2016)

This is the outcome of an idea that has been in the works for 7 years. For the longest time, my ambition was to produce a complete overview of Them's recorded output for my own pleasure. During that time, I have researched every LP & CD in existence that contained any Them content from the Decca-era and compared the audio quality of every single recording. I have also attempted to gather as much info as possible about the recording dates. In 2015, Sony Legacy released a 3CD set that made most of my efforts up until then redundant. But this was not a bad thing; it has a wealth of unreleased material I never thought I'd hear and the audio quality of the previously released material is often superior to what I was able to find on prior existing media. Yet, despite the best efforts of the team who worked on this compilation, it still has a few of the same problems that plagued the many releases before it. To be more specific: a good number of original mastertapes are M.I.A. and only inferior copies seem to exist in the official vault. 

I have used the 24/96 version of "The Complete Them 1964-1967" as the foundation of this new set. By replacing and adding the above marked tracks, I believe this has now truly become the definitive Them anthology that it was set out to be in the first place. Every officially released master recording has been used for this compilation and every track appears in the best soundquality (publicly available). Furthermore, this is the first time the original studio masters appear in what probably is as close to a correct chronological order as one can get.