A.J. Cook ("Criminal Minds"): "When I learned the news, I Cried" 


The actress confided in Cine-tele-Revue in the aftermath of the announcement of the end of the series, the fifteenth season of which will be the last


In what state of mind-no pun intended- have you been in since you found out that your series is ending?


AJ: First, it’s good that we finally know. For months we were all stressed because we heard things, but we were not sure of anything. I knew, of course, that this adventure would end one day, but at the same time, I was not prepared for it. When Erica Messer, who runs the show, called me at home to tell me the news, I cried. But it was not just tears of sadness, it was a mixture of feelings


You have been there since the beginning, in 2005…


AJ: I am so thankful to have been able to play this incredible woman that is Jennifer for so long. It’s completely in my DNA. We may not see her anymore, but I want to reassure everyone: she will continue her mission to catch the bad guys. I also take advantage of this interview to thank from the bottom of my heart, the Belgian fans, for their huge support.


How would you like to continue your career?


AJ: For now, I’m like at the beginning of a relationship. I have butterflies in my stomach, I am as anxious as I am excited to start new projects. I really grew up with “Criminal Minds” (she was 26 years old when the series started) and so, I feel a little lonely and empty. This Wednesday, the episode I directed airs. I really want to continue in the direction of realization, to challenge myself. I’m very interested in the independent cinema, which is rougher, and there is so much going on, on the small screen now, with Netflix and all that… I would love to embody someone tormented and also try comedy, make a huge difference.