Square emerald cut diamond


Known for having some uniqueness due to its deep corners, the square emerald cut diamond tends to provide the illusion of an octagon, and this occurs due to its very unique sparkle. This diamond has a 57-facet and also has a square, step-cut shape which in the past, as reports states, was the forerunner of the now or instead the later existing emerald cut diamond. What makes the square emerald cut diamond so unique is that it contains significant step-cut facets, and these are technically way bigger than the ones in the emerald cut diamond. Indeed, this diamond is practically known for its small table, faceted culet, a deep pavilion, and, most significantly, a high crown, and without a doubt, this great combination tends to work correctly to provide more brilliance than the one that comes from the emerald cut.


Precisely, just like the emerald cut, the square emerald cut diamond also has some trimmed corners, and it tends to have an ideal width to length ratio of 1 to 1. Thus, when a person goes out there and decides to choose the square emerald cut diamond, experts state that to get the best out of everything, then the best decision or rather selection to make is that of a diamond with high color and clarity grading.

Diamond experts state that the emerald cut diamond can be classified as one of the most sophisticated yet dramatic cuts in the entire universe. The gem presents as a diamond with long, crisp lines that could generally elongate a person’s finger, creating the look one might be going for at the end of the day.


Finally, today, the square emerald cut diamond is being celebrated for having a ‘vintage look and appeal, and also some unusual characteristics, and without a doubt, a myriad of women are viewing it as an alternative to the tradition round cut diamonds.