SAS Certified Visual Modeler Using SAS Visual Statistics 7.4

Suitable for analysts that are using SAS Visual Statistics for exploratory and predictive modeling, model fitting and analysis in business environment
Successful candidates must be skilled in topics such as

? Building and exploring descriptive models
? Building and exploring predictive models with continuous and categorical targets
? Assessing model goodness of fit
? Modifying and comparing models
? Scoring models.
SAS A00-272 Exam Details:
Candidates who bring home this credential could have earned a passing score about the SAS Interactive Model Building and Exploration Using SAS Visual Statistics 7.4 exam.

? 50 multiple-choice, short-answer, and interactive questions. Interactive questions simulate the SAS Visual Statistics interface and have that you configure part of SAS Visual Statistics to produce a specific visualization. Please see our FAQ to find out more. You must acquire a score of 68 percent correct to feed.
? 90 minutes to accomplish exam.
? Use exam ID A00-272; required when registering with Pearson VUE.
? Exam Price: $180 (USD)
? Training: SAS Visual Statistics: Interactive Model Building
? Book: An Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics
A00-272 Exam Topics:
? SAS visual statistics cross-functional tasks
? Building and assessing segmentation models
? Building and assessing regression-type models
? Model comparison and scoring

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Useful Resources:
? SAS Programming Flash Cards Put yourself on the test.[Weightage 18%]
? SAS Learning Report - Training & Certification news from SAS.[Weightage 32%]
? Free SAS Certification Webinars.Receive the lowdown from my experts.[Weightage 40%]
? SAS University Edition pay nothing. Gain everything.[Weightage 10%]
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Exam Content Guide

? SAS visual statistics cross-functional tasks - 18%
0 Prepare data using SAS Visual Analytics
0 Filter data employed for a single
0 Use interactive group-by
? Building and assessing segmentation models - 32%
0 Perform unsupervised segmentation using cluster analysis
0 Analyze cluster results
0 Perform supervised segmentation using decision trees
0 Asses decision tree results
? Building and assessing regression-type models - 40%
0 Explain linear models
0 Perform linear regression modeling
0 Perform generalized linear regression modeling
0 Perform logistic regression modeling
0 Assess model results
? Model comparison and scoring - 10%
0 Compare Models
0 Score Models
SAS Visual Statistics: Interactive Model Building

This program introduces SAS Visual Statistics for building predictive models in the interactive, exploratory way. Exploratory model fitting can be a critical step in modeling big data. This product is correct for users of SAS Visual Analytics 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4.
Learn to use SAS Visual Statistics to..

? perform statistical analysis of internet data of any size
? create a task
? determine useful preferences and settings
? create segments, or clusters, of input variables
? perform regression and logistic regression modeling
? perform decision tree modeling
? perform stratified model fitting
? compare models
? generate score code.
Who should attend
Predictive modelers, business analysts, and data scientists who wish to reap the benefits of SAS Visual Statistics for highly interactive, rapid model fitting

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