The Best Places To Open An Offshore Bank Account?

There are many reasons for an offshore account. Lower taxes, banking secrecy, asset protection, absolutely secure banks and low corruption are just a few advantages.

For example, Switzerland offers the lowest VAT (7.7%) in Europe. And Anyone who reveals customer information will be prosecuted which is just one of the reasons why swiss banks manage more than 30% of all assets in the world.

This article will give you a little bit of info about where to find the best places to open an offshore account.

An offshore account in Georgia

Georgia has established itself as a modern financial center between Europe and Asia. Foreign accounts in Georgia are in particularly high demand. It is important to observe this trend.

Modern banking is guaranteed. This condition attracts fresh capital from abroad. Banking transactions with bitcoins, in particular, are easy to do in Georgia. Georgia is not a member of the EU and is now considered a safe haven for bank deposits.

An offshore account in Bulgaria

Some of the partner banks in Bulgaria have opened EVERY offshore accounts, without exception. If you value a quick and uncomplicated account opening, Bulgaria is the right place for you.

An offshore account in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the least reliable bastions of banking secrecy. Some offshore banks in Taiwan require a permanently available minimum deposit of € 20,000. It is systemically important to enjoy a worldwide reputation.

US foreign account

The United States has become the largest tax haven for non-Americans. Foreign accounts in the USA are in high demand. The US banks are considered systemically important and are saved by the state in case of doubt. The United States is not a member of the EU and does not participate in the automatic exchange of information.

An offshore account in Ireland

In addition to interesting corporate taxes and a dynamic real estate market, Ireland offers a good banking environment. Ireland participates in the automatic exchange of information and is particularly suitable for non-doms in Malta, Cyprus or if you are a resident in Ireland.

An offshore account in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a rather quiet banking location compared to many other countries. As the birthplace of stock exchange trading, the Netherlands can look back on a secure and traditional financial center.

An offshore account in Cyprus

Even if the situation for banks in Cyprus has worsened after the banking crisis and recent developments, it may still make sense in certain circumstances to open an account in Cyprus. This is because the place has a low tax on the savings account.

An offshore account in Malta

The corporate offshore account tax is only 5%. The opening of private and business accounts in Malta is currently quite difficult without residence but is not a knock-out criterion for the establishment and operation of a company.

An offshore account in Montenegro

Montenegro is the "rising star" among the countries for discreet foreign accounts. The financial center is stable, the national currency is the euro, and the modern financial infrastructure leaves nothing to be desired for customers with modern banking requirements. Montenegro does not participate in the automatic exchange of information, is not a member of the EU and is now considered a haven for bank deposits.

Final thoughts

There you have it. If you wish to open an offshore account there, never forget to protect your offshore account. Offshore protection helps you secure your assets abroad.