Facebook Tagging- Is It Dangerous


If you have been using Facebook chances are you have done some tagging before. Tagging is a way to let other users on your friends list to have access or to be aware about a status, post or picture that you just placed on Facebook. Perhaps, tagging is the engine that made Facebook the venerable social network it has become today. Yet the problem with Facebook tagging is that it may open a can of worms leading to potential security and privacy breach. People may be posting intimate personal information which is not for public's consumption. Now, is tagging really dangerous? Let's find out the answers.
It could be dangerous
Tagging is one of the ways to spread the word out in this social networking site. The purpose of tagging is to make targeted people in your friends list to be aware of what you have uploaded or posted on Facebook. While at the surface it does not give many problems about security and privacy but it may cause a lot of issues. We have no control of people seeing our friends' pages. We may not be in control if the accounts of the tagged friends have been hacked because they have been using a public computer and neglected to log out.
It could give stalkers cues
When you tag people there is a possibility that it can give away your position or whereabouts. This is very scary given the fact that it can let stalkers know where you at and continue stalking you. This innocent way of being tagged with some location information can be dangerous and may put you at harm's way. That is why it is best to keep your location information secret or at least do not give away the exact location. The best way to keep your privacy and safety is never to have tags that indicate where you can be reached.
It could give out sensitive information
Often there are pictures of children that have been tagged without much thought. Some parents would go in greater lengths to put some sensitive information about children on Facebook. These are the exact information that sexual predators can use to entice or lure your children. When a stranger is knowledgeable about the information about Aunt Helen and Uncle Bob they become no longer much of a stranger, they may feel like family and the false sense of security can be the trigger that may send your children into danger.
It could tell the world you are alone
Criminals can be techy, you know. If you have been visible in Facebook, criminals could just monitor your posts and the tags and use the information to tell them when to strike. This is very scary if you have been tagged with the information that you are at the most vulnerable position or you are alone in the house. This sends an idea bulb to criminals to strike while the iron is hot. If you will not feel too much anxiety and stress about this situation, nothing will.
It could swamp your inbox
If you get tagged in girls' night out it may mean that you are not in a relationship. This will prompt stalkers to resume their stalking. This can be dangerous especially if the stalker is deranged.
Facebook is a great way to connect with friends. But it can be a dangerous place like any other real place on earth. Always monitor the tags and see if it does give away your position and could pose danger to your person.

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