Puri Konark marine drive road trip

Puri konark marine drive road trip and puri Konark marine drive beach is about exploring temples along exquisite offbeat beaches near Puri. The East coast of India starts from Odisha of which the Mahanadi delta constitutes a major geographical feature in India. It is known as the Emerging coast and receives more rainfall.


It is more wider and fertile than the Western coast of India. Besides the geographical features it also hold some famous tourist places in this country . Of which Puri is one of the most important pilgrimage centre for the Indians. The blog explains about the best road trip in odisha which is Puri Konark marine drive road trip and views of puri konark marine drive beach.


Puri is a 6 hour drive from my residential township in Odisha so I frequently visit to this holy pace time and again. This time in the monsoon I decided to explore the coastal marine drive from Konark to Puri and reach to some distant rural beaches of Odisha along the marine drive. I kept in mind the spiritual connection that this state always offers to me along with the vast coastline to enjoy the sea breeze.