Mr Elop Assumed the Office of Nokia

Mr Elop, president of the former Microsoft Business will officially take over on Sept. 21 to become the current CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo of Nokia's new CEO. Nokia believes that Mr Elop's experience and skills will lead the company's transformation.


Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, currently president and chief after 30 years in the effectiveness of the outgoing, suggesting that Nokia's end of an era. Kallasvuo has been trying to lead the smart phone market, Nokia and Google to keep up with rivals such as Apple's pace, but eventually struggled. Nokia said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo of Nokia Siemens, the outgoing Board of Directors will continue to work, and received 4.6 million euros in severance pay.


Hard times forced to a coaching change


In the early mobile telecommunications industry innovation, Nokia has been a successful representative of the Nordic. Ten years ago, Nokia's production accounted for 4% of gross domestic product of Finland, pre-tax profit is total revenue of the country's 21%; in 2009, the two values decreased to 1.6% and 2.6%.


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Although Nokia is still in the Finnish economy plays an important role, but its importance has been significantly reduced, 90% of corporate shares held by foreign investors, a large number of manufacturing processes to other countries, the Finnish national only 2.16 million jobs in the Nokia. The focus of the global telecommunications industry has been gradually moving to Apple, Google and other U.S. companies shift, Nokia losing ground to face a severe situation.


Since the launch of 2006 models since the N95, Nokia has become the lack of a popular smart phone market. In the high-end market, the company faced Apple iPhone, Canada, RIM's BlackBerry and Google Android mobile phone operating system, the pressure on rivals, particularly in the global mobile consumer superpower the United States, Nokia consumers and the major carriers AT & T and Verizon Thomson lack attractive enough market share and profitability are the impact of operations of the company is facing a greater crisis.


For some time, investors put pressure on the Nokia Board of Directors, asked to replace the current CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, to face competition from smart phones.


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Mr Elop highly acclaimed


Nokia Board of Directors believe that Mr Elop is the new CEO the best person.

Nokia said that the transition from the cell phone hardware manufacturers and software solutions provider for the core strategy firm, to select an experienced leader, fast and effective transition to the Nokia plays an important role. In the past two years, Nokia and Microsoft announced strategic cooperation, Ailuopuqia this strategic cooperation is Microsoft's leaders, which made him very familiar with Nokia's internal work.


Mr Elop was born in Canada, at McMaster University degree in computer engineering and management, to date, Silicon Valley in the United States spent most of his career. As the Microsoft Business Division president, he was responsible for Microsoft Office system and other consumer and commercial customers communication tools and applications. To join Microsoft, he was chief operating officer of Juniper Networks, responsible for product, business development, sales, service and manufacturing sectors.


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Nokia believes that Mr Elop's software industry against the background of one of its main advantages, and he has an important transformation in the enterprise experienced, highly respected in the software industry. Mr Elop is a good listener, believe "the truth is out there, as long as you're listening to can hear."


In initiating a major policy decisions and promote the core strategies before, he will be listening to a deeper understanding of Nokia, and bring new insights for businesses to help Nokia to re-examine the implementation of the strategy to accelerate business transformation.


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