Analytics - A Scotland SEO Blog Analysis

The analytics tool that you use could provide valuable information on what is happening within your site. Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools however we sometimes forget that most sites have their own built in analytics tools. These include AW Stats and Webalizer.


Have you ever checked out yours? Even the most basic information that these tools offer can be of immense help. Here at Scotland SEO Blog, we use these Analytics to Assess Website Performance.


Web sites and blogs are rather unique and revolutionary marketing tools because every time they are accessed by a visitor, every move of that visitor, can and is recorded.



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Television, print, or radio cannot be measured in this way. Every page of information that is available on the internet, whether it is an article, press release, blog, or website can be measured for its impact and popularity by a website analytics program.


In fact, website analytics are the base of any solid study of a website. Where the user pauses to read, enter, and exit a website can have a profound effect on future website architecture, marketing goals, and online conversion rates. Effective analysis of this information can lead to more sales generated from your web pages.


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A good statistics program should show the top 10-25 search keywords used to find a website through a search engine. This information is important for determining whether or not you are targeting the right keywords. Likewise the referring URLs section of the analytics program is crucial to understanding the reach of your inbound links.


Looking closely at the analytics results will also tell you to know how many visitors you actually engaged. The results will tell you how long they stayed and whether or not they visited more than one page.


For PR and Marketing professionals, keeping an eye on website analytics can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful online marketing campaign. Analytics provide valuable information that can be used to measure return on investment (ROI). It’s important to remember that click-through rates to a website have real value in the Internet world.


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If you do not know how to assess the information provided by your analytics tool or if you don’t know which analytics tools to use then call in a professional to help out. Analytics advice can be obtained from ASM Development who are one of Scotland’s premier website consultancies. It really does pay to get to know what your visitors are doing when they visit your site.


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