Eye health is serious business. How seriously are you taking your eyes?

We are all surrounded by all sorts of screens throughout the day. Be it laptops, or mobiles, it has become impossible for us to survive in this digital era without being constantly hooked onto our screens.

The implications of this are borne by our eyes. Constant screen exposure damages our eyes to a great deal. So, shouldn’t we all become slightly more serious towards our eye care? Let’s figure out how.


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One of the most valuable senses you hold, is your eyesight. It is one of those gifts of nature that we should cherish and protect at all costs. With advancements in the human lifestyle, our lives have become dependent upon technology. Everything around is gradually becoming digital. Even weddings are being telecasted over internet video calls. It won't be incorrect to say that we’re solely and completely leaning over technology for our survival. 

So whilst we are calculating how significant technology is for us, we should also try and look at how harmful it is for our health. Especially our eye health. 


How is it that our eyes get affected by screen time ? 

Screens produce a blue light, carrying an intense energy that is known to harm the eyes. Even though the accepted view of ophthalmologists and all eye care specialists is that the blue light emitted by the screens can have possible long term damaging effects on our eyes.This can eventually lead to an age related degeneration in the macula of the eye.

Vision experts have suggested that even though it is impossible to completely refrain from using screens, people should at least try to look away after continuous attention to a screen for sometime.  


In addition to that, eye care doctors suggest that you see your ophthalmologist at least twice a year. Getting regular check ups and eye exams at an eye hospital in Chandigarh is really vital to keep a check on our eye health.

If continuous exposure to a screen is giving you dry eyes creating irritation and discomfort then you should really ask your doctor to recommend eye lubricating drops suitable for your eyes. These drops are basically over the counter medicines which are easily available at any pharmacy or even at a good hospital in Chandigarh

Do not buy just any other eye drops without discussing with your doctor. You need to use the ones prescribed to you by your ophthalmologist only because they shall only suggest the one best suitable for you. People believe that visiting an eye doctor is essential only if a person is facing vision disturbances. Contrary to that belief, we should see a specialist eye hospital in mohali when we are facing symptoms like - Extreme eye strain, painful headaches, dry eyes or blurred vision. 


In addition to getting regular checks and eye screenings done at a good eye hospital in mohali, we should also practise the simple rule of 20-20-20. This is a very convenient and fun way to keep your eye health in check at home. All you have to do is take a break after every 20 minutes of continuous exposure to a screen or practise staring at an object somewhere about 20 feet away for a minimum of 20 seconds. If you turn this really uncomplicated method into a habit, there’s a good chance you would never be asked to wear spectacles. It’s a great deal, if you come to think of it. 

Author Bio – Shreya Dhar is an experienced health writer and her literature in the healthcare domain is popular among doctors and health care professionals and help seekers.