The term Muay Boran is actually used to collectively describe all the ancient unarmed techniques originally designed by Thai people for use in warfare. It refers to the techniques before they were developed and organized into the modern form of combat sport we know as Muay Thai. Muay Thai Boran focuses on unarmed combat used on the battlefield rather than a regulated ring sport. It also has fewer rules and some styles even use weapons. Moreover, Muay Thai Boran also has deadly techniques that aren’t allowed on combat sports.


Muay Thai Boran is considered as the ancestor of Muay Thai. Its roots can be traced as far back as the Kingdom of Ayutthaya (now Thailand). In the late 18th century, the Kingdom of Burma and Autthayathe were at war. According to legends, the invaders captured several Thai Boxers. In 1774, these boxers participated in matches as part of a 7-day festival to honour Buddha’s relics. The Burmese King organized the event to sate his curiosity on how their martial arts would fare against their opponent’s Thai boxing.


This martial arts is globally less known than Muay Thai and is certainly less practiced, but it is by no means irrelevant and plays a large part in Thai national folklore. It is actually a term that refers to ancient Thai boxing, which is more similar to classical bare-knuckle boxing than to modern Western boxing. It covers several styles and techniques with distinctive variations. Thailand is a country that has numerous ethnic groups that have self-defense techniques and even martial arts. Different areas of the country usually have their variation of the Muay Boran.


Muay Boran as it is practiced today is somewhat a little more limited than what it used to be. It can be said that it’s now restricted since it ‘s not really used for 메이저사이트 actual competitions  anymore. But Muay Boran is an energetic and beautiful martial art to watch practiced.