3 Easy Steps To Create Limitless Self-Belief


They say you have to see it to believe it but, when it comes to your New You journey sometimes, we have to believe it first in order to see the results.

When you decided to commit to be a healthier, happy version of you and invested in yourself by starting your New You journey, you might have made a promise to yourself that this was it. This is the last time you will need to lose weight.  And you meant it.  You started strong. Then, somehow along the way your motivation dipped, you struggled to keep your promise to yourself or you came off plan entirely.

It’s often because doubt creeps in. You think, ‘This isn’t working.’ You tell yourself the promises you made are too difficult to keep. Here at New You we have a new trick up our sleeves for these creeping self-doubts.

This Is Where The Magic Happens

There’s more neural activity in the brain when it encounters negative stimuli – we’re inclined towards a ‘negative bias’. Why? It’s a survival technique; we’re always looking for the bear about to attack. Even though it’s likely that today there are no bears waiting to pounce, the nervous system has been evolving for 600 million years and we are genetically trained to look for the negatives in life to keep us safe. But from what? Failure? Change? Whenever you decide to commit to become a healthier and happier a tiny part of your mind will tell you

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