How To Recover a Robinhood Account?

Cryptocurrency is surely a blooming topic nowadays. Millions of users are out there who are using the internet for financial tracking or investments. There are multiple platforms available and Robinhood is one of the most prominent investment platforms. 

Robinhood is surely a safe and secure gateway to the blockchain network but many Robinhood users raised some common concerns like what if either we lost our Robinhood login credentials or our account got hacked? Is there any way to recover my Robinhood account? 

Well, the answer is YES! Here we are with the solution to all of your related queries. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started without wasting any ounce of our time!!


Complete guide to recover Robinhood account

If you are wondering if it’s going to be a complex process, then stay calm. It’s quite easy, will take just a few quick and easy steps. All you need before stepping into the process is the email ID that you used earlier while registering on Robinhood.

Step 1

Open the Robinhood app and tap the Robinhood Login option given there.

Step 2 

Enter the email address you have and click on the “forgot password” option appearing on that page.

Step 3

For the verification process, you have to reenter your email address and hit “send mail”.

Step 4

Now you will get an email from Robinhood about the recovery of your account. 

Step 5

Go ahead to the next page, complete the process needed for recovery and set your new password over there.

Step 6 

Now, you are done with resetting the password. Come back to the Robinhood login page. 

Step 7

Enter the new password that you reset earlier and your email address in the designated column.

Bravo! You have successfully completed the account recovery exercise. Hope you didn’t find any difficulty during the whole procedure. If you are still having any issues with getting notifications, don’t worry! We are going to provide some helpful tips:

  • If you didn’t get recovery mail or SMS yet, you might have filled wrong credentials for recovery. 
  • Check for your internet connection, sometimes you may have some glitch due to internet problem.
  • Close all the apps running behind.
  • Check for DND (Do not disturb) mode. Either it is on or off.
  • Multiple security apps block spam notifications automatically. Check for any such app running and turn it off.



Forgetting login credentials is not an uncommon issue but still, noting down your crucial details such as Robinhood login credentials at any secure place is advised. 

Well, we have explained a complete procedure to recover the Robinhood account. With all of that being said, I do hope that you will not get into any trouble if you are following the process in sequence.