KFDOLLS specializes in TPE sex dolls . This products made of Environment Protection material TPE and Metal Skeleton Inside . TPE has been processed by high temperature and harmkess , It feels soft ,Smooth and Elastic Like real human lady skin. It can bear pressure about 150kg .It can do different Poses as human in Appropriate rang of Activities . This products is no Harm to human body.

Today kfdolls will tell you how to use a real life size silicone sex doll to have sex.


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Using your delicious sex doll is the reason (for most people) why you made this purchase. However, it is not surprising that now that you have bought it, you feel certain doubts when using it: after all it is not a human sexual partner and many things arise in your head which you would not ask anyone.

To do this, we created this article which will help you unravel many of your doubts about how you should use your sexual silicone doll and thereby achieve great pleasure

Receiving your sex doll

When you receive your doll you have to consider something: A sex doll is heavy. Recall that it is practically a person made of silicone and other materials, and at the same time introduced in a box that in the best cases is a lightweight material, but usually it is a slightly heavy and resistant material.

Therefore, if we have a disability, or are not willing to carry a lot of weight, we must have help to take it to the door of our house. Don’t worry too much because they see you with her, the box is usually sealed with all its parts inside. The best thing is that you speak with the delivery man to place it at the door of your house.

Putting together your sex doll

Many dolls of different manufacturers come disassembled. Therefore, your first action upon receiving it is to open the box and start assembling it little by little. Place your limbs, your head and finally the wig in position. Some dolls come with a removable vagina, keep in mind that this is in case the possibility that this is very small or very large. After putting everything in its place, it’s ready for the next step

Have sex with your sex doll

Actually, this step is as it sounds. You put yourself on top of your doll and do it as if you did it with a woman. If you enjoy different positions, you can place the doll in which you please, however try not to place all your weight on it in any position you can damage it.

For best results, use a slightly heated water-based lubricant with your hands. It will give a more pleasant and realistic touch to it. If you are looking for anal or oral sex, remember that both doll openings are not as wide as the vaginas and tend to be tighter. It may take some time to adapt, but you will soon enjoy them just as you do with your vagina.

Clean your sex doll

After having sex with your doll you must remove the clothes first to avoid that it can deform it when it is stored. Then, use some water and neutral soap to clean up what could be sweat or semen. Clean it carefully and then return it to its box and put it in a not very hot place. Remember that every 3 or 4 weeks you should do a much deeper maintenance and cleaning

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