Top 3 Chest Diseases and Natural Ways to Treat and Avoid

breast_disorders.jpgDid you know that more than 25 million people have asthma in the US alone? This shows a large number of patients with this rather chronic health condition. There needs to be a proper understanding of how to treat and avoid chest diseases. In this article, we will talk about the top 3 diseases of the chest. We will also discuss how we can avoid and treat chest problems naturally.

Top 3 Chest Diseases

In the list of chest diseases, we have:


Asthma is one of the most common chest problems in men and women. Among the reasons for asthma are:

  1. Airborne allergens can cause asthma. Things like pet dander, mould spores and pollen can cause this issue as well.
  2. Sometimes respiratory infection would go on and develop asthma.
  3. Cold air may trigger this problem.
  4. Air irritants and pollutants can also cause this problem.
  5. In people with this problem, doing exercise can trigger an attack.

There are some natural ways to treat this problem and avoid it as well, like:

  1. You can try having Garlic in your food to help your condition.
  2. Honey is one of the tried and tested ways to suppress cough. And the same would work for people with asthma.
  3. Try using omega-3 oils.
  4. Caffeine can help.

Although people with asthma have limited ability to exercise, you should not stop it. You should try to keep your health well with exercise that can help asthma with:

  1. It increases the capacity of the lungs.
  2. Exercise helps promote blood flow to the heart and lungs.
  3. It helps improve lungs problems and endurance.
  4. Exercise would help blood flow as well.
  5. If you exercise regularly, you have the ability to decrease airways inflammation.
  6. It can help improve lung health.

These benefits should be gained with the best practices in exercise. You cannot do exercise on your own if you have asthma. So, always look for the consultation of your doctor. Natural chest medicine options can also help. Herbal ones can help. Options of natural medicine chest would certainly help you improve.


COPD is another thing that can cause breathing and other types of problems. In this disease, too, there are some risk factors that you need to avoid. Avoiding these would help you keep your health great. Among these factors are:

  1. Keep away from air pollution.
  2. Do not stay near the people who smoke.
  3. Avoid working with chemicals, fumes and dust. And if you need to work close to them, you need to be aware of preventive measures.
  4. A childhood respiratory infection may also be a reason for this problem.

Keep these problems to the minimum and try using herbal medicine chest. Medicine and exercise can help keep problems low. There are some types of exercise that you can use for the better condition even when you have COPD. The experts say that aerobic exercise can help improve the circulation of blood in the body. This means that the symptoms of COPD will reduce. Moreover, people can have better breath overall when they do exercise with this problem.

Chronic Bronchitis

Another health condition, known as chronic bronchitis, needs to be covered and taken care of. If you are looking for its natural treatment, you can try:

  1. Try using a humidifier to keep your environment safe.
  2. Try wearing a mask in cold weather.
  3. Use honey to keep yourself healthy.
  4. The use of essential oils would also help.
  5. Ginseng extract is another thing that would aid you.

Even in this problem, you can have help with exercise. Chronic symptoms of bronchitis like the following can be reduced with exercise:

  1. It can help against shortness of breath.
  2. Wheezing can be reduced.
  3. Fatigue can be taken care of.

You can also try medicine chest options from herbal sellers. 

Herbal Ways to Treat

Herbal medicines can help you with all kinds of diseases. Some of them may be quite helpful. There are medicines from companies like Hamrdard and Ajmal that sell authentic ones. Some of these are:

  1. Qurs Dama.
  2. Laooq Katan.
  3. Qurs Sadar.
  4. Qurs Abrak Kalan.

Try using these chest diseases medicine that would help you gain better results. You can try the best ones that suit you and have the benefits you need to reap.

Last Word

There are some lung diseases that we need to take care of as a society. Some of the most common and prevalent diseases must be addressed for better health. There are some natural ways like exercise and foods that may help. There are some perfect herbal products that can help. Try using some herbal medicines. So, try them now  for efficacy that would be unmatched. These products serve the purpose of natural solutions for chronic and seasonal issues as well.