How to assemble the best painting crew for commercial and industrial projects

Painting jobs may appear to be simple, but they take time and require careful preparation and the correct equipment to start out on the right foot.




Quality paint is crucial, but it isn't the be-all and end-all of a painting operation. The quality and speed of your job will be determined by the individuals who handle the brushes and operate the equipment.


Identifying the appropriate individuals


The need for painting projects is increasing as the epidemic eases. So, how can you ensure that this need is satisfied in every important deal you sign? Create a highly efficient working unit that includes both competent staff and skilled painters.




Painting workers have more contact time with the client because they spend the majority of their time on-site. They will leave an impact, whether positive or negative, when and where it matters most.


Finally, assembling the right painting crew guarantees that your tasks are completed successfully. They may also assist in driving business so that your company can continue to thrive and flourish.


Training and therapy that is appropriate


Because there's no assurance that everyone on your painting crew will have the same skill level, providing sufficient training is essential. To be clear, training entails more than just learning surface preparation, painting techniques, and other trade fundamentals. Every project site presents its own set of problems that might slow you down, put your team in danger, and prevent you from providing outstanding outcomes.


Prior to entering the field, your painting crew must complete extensive training in areas such as safety, quality control, equipment handling and repair, and customer service. If an issue arises on-site, for example, your team should be able to quickly identify the source and devise a remedy. Client confidence may be bolstered via high-quality work and project management.




It's also crucial to treat your painting crew well and keep their spirits up. You don't want to lose them because they have the necessary training and expertise. Employee retention may be aided through competitive remuneration and benefits, cutting-edge technology, and mentorship programs, to name a few.


Finally, it's about assisting your staff in growing with your company.


PaintJet will transform your regular painting staff into SuperPainters.


The painting business, which was heavily damaged by the housing crisis in 2008, had a labor shortage of trained employees in the face of increasing demand for painting services. This led in increased prices, longer completion times, and worse quality craftsmanship, all of which impacted not just customers but also contractors.




PaintJet addresses these difficulties front-on by transforming ordinary paint workers into SuperPainters. We can provide you with the in-field advantage of modern robots painting so you can fulfill the building and construction industry's expanding post-pandemic needs. Work with us to complete your post-pandemic painting or coating work in a timely, methodical, and cost-effective manner, no matter where you are in the United States.