As the customers themselves have warned, within the maximum latest RARBG torrents have began to appear documents with a .Exe extension. And the indicators come due to the fact we’re used to associating executable files with malware threats; however, in this example, users can relaxation assured that the executables blanketed in RARBG torrents do no longer comprise any malware.

The concern has unfold amongst a good part of the customers of RARBG. Because for just a few days, in new torrents have commenced to locate, as we said, an executable report. Before downloading a torrent, with gear like uTorrent, we are able to without problems see what we are going to download; and in doing so, customers have been finding the document RARBG_DO_NOT_MIRROR.Exe in really any of the available downloads. What customers have now not found out is that, in case you change the file extension from .Exe to .Txt, then we will without problems see what it's miles about.


This portal offers all its content in a completely systematic way. Here we can locate the torrents in distinctive categories, in addition to the same old seek engine in this kind of webs. But it isn't the most effective characteristic that it offers us. Keep reading and discover what the traits of this portal that can serve as an alternative to websites (some already closed) which include Elitetorrent, ExtraTorrent, or Kickass Torrents are:

Find content grouped by classes: films, television collection, song, videogames, software program, person content material.
Explore the information phase.
Register as a user and keep your settings to be used.
Access previews of the content material thru pictures earlier than downloading.

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