Page 3
two pillars of the Theos Sema  were destroyed !! our god .... hid !! while our world collapses ... our hope is also disappearing. so our desire to live on the earth was just an unattainable dream ? our beloved people, whom we were assigned to protect .... and to build a future for them on the face of the earth .... will end only in the dream ...? god .... our god .... please help us to overcome this ordeal.
Page 4
Make sure our father comes back safe and sound. because we believe that our mighty god ... would have saved us, with all certainty.
so please guide us. lead us into a world of abundant light ....
I hear the screams of time
I feel innumerable cosmos, full of sadness.
  with the shrill sound of the earth being torn apart. this is the mute cry out of the bowels of this people. the duty of every god ..... is to show the way to those who worship him. giving them the hope of a future to come.
Page 5
This is the power that we have ... the power of the so-called miracle.
if there are voices asking us for help .... we must attend to them.
this struggle is between us and the twelve gods of Olympus. our people should not pay for it ..... they have the same right as the beings that inhabit the earth face today. the right to live in an illuminated land.
Page 6
the struggle must be limited only to us ... for this is our destiny and we are not afraid to give our sacred blood to fulfill it ....... but if and to give blood, I prefer that it is for the good of our people.
Kreios is giving us time, putting ourselves in a duel. let us not waste the sacrifice of our brother.
that's right, Coeus. on the one hand, and our duty to conquer all the struggles we face ... It is also our task to guide the people to an enlightened land.
Page 7
so let us guide them to the face of the earth. I know the door that takes us out was blocked when it was frozen ... but I will melt the ice and open it for us.
they will know that the power of human beings is not enough ... to stop the designs of God.
Page 8
Shaka - I feel a huge flame approaching !!
Shura - a primitive flame, generated in the early days!!
what is it? Is it the enemy ?! a fire spirit ?!
Page 9
not this one!!
the target is not us !! It is the gate of the world of the dead that was frozen !!
Page 10
I will not let them do it !! the power of the cosmos that we, Gold Saints, possess .... is a blessing granted to us by the gods … so that we can protect Athena, the sanctuary and all the lives on the face of the earth.
Page 11
Camus - it is with life that we protect other lives. because then, my cosmos! show your blue flame and make the flames of fire freeze !!
Page 12
he froze the power of the salamander in the blink of an eye !!
Page 13
Shura - Let's go, guys. you know what each one must do .... as I also know. and I intend to do my part.
Aiolia - Do you also want to stay to fight alone?
Shura - we all have moments in our lives when we face difficulties. and at that time the true value of the person comes out. for those who are Saints, destined to protect others ....
Page 14
Shura - It is demanded that the fear be turned into courage, so that the legs that want to escape are perched on the ground. and the arms that want to defend themselves ... open up for the fight. and, in this way, conquer the future we want !!
Kreios - how unfortunate .... this armor that covers your body ... that deep shine of gold ....
Page 15
Kreios - that evokes the beauty of the Divine Creation .... without a shadow of doubt ... is the brilliance of the oricalco. For you, this armor should be your protective shield ..... and also your attack weapon. if they are weapons made of the same material as mine , we should be able to fight on equal terms. but this is not happening at any moment ... and it is not because of the sword.
Page 16
Kreios - but, yes, due to the inability of the swordsman.
Page 17
Kreios - I should not have waited so long for a sword that has already broken once. It is really regrettable. I think you're not even listening to me, but I still have to praise ... the courage with which you stand before me ... but I need to move on. in order to achieve what I want. your life will be the first to be sacrificed to generate the future of the gods.
Page 18
Kreios - And your corpse will become the first step for the march of the gods to the future. But what is this feeling ?! h’s light?! he waited for me to strike my blow .... to then jump to the impact ?!
Page 19
Kreios - he drew my blow to his own body and took advantage of the impact to reach my arm that had followed the sword !!! know that my sword will not be broken for the second time !!
Page 20
who gave them strength were all the adversaries that I faced until today, my defeat would be staining the cosmos of all these men !! and this I will not allow !! good strategy ... but insufficient to stop my attack.
Page 21
Kreios - My whole world becomes a weapon to me.


Shura - what Aiolia was able to accomplish ... and what I need to do now .... is not betray the trust of those who believe in me ....
Page 22
Shura - because I am the owner of this sword, which was forged fighting against one of the most honorable Gold Saints.... yes, no less than Aiolos, the Sagittarius Gold Saint and beloved brother of Aiolia ... in whom I trust and I will never betray such confidence!
Page 23
Shura - there's nothing it can not cross !! Excalibur!
Page 24
Kreios alright i admit
Page 25
Kreios - I was wrong. You are a swordsman who possesses a power worthy of dueling against a god. In the face of this force, I too will have to fight with all my strength. Are you ready?
Shura - I accept the challenge.
Kreios - very well. so get ready .... for my secret attack, which even tear the stars apart.I never had to use it against any human, but I ask you to try it first …
Page 26
Kreios - get ready ... shura.
Shura - no matter what the blow, there is only one thing I will do .... kill it

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