Robbox Deathrone code

Find out the latest Robbox Deathrone code by redeeming them in 2018 and releasing the latest gems and coins in the game. Robocox is an endless runner game in Robox, Jathron is developed by "Team Dethron". The basic concept of this game is the same as a subway surfer or any other runner you have run.


Anti-Aging Developers regularly publish some text codes. (A mix of letters and numbers) to redeem everyone in the game and receive a limited amount of free coins and gems for a limited time.


Every time developers use their Twitter handles and Facebook pages to share their codes with them. You can follow them on both platforms or in the future you can verify the new code for this post. In the coming days, we will update the list of codes for the Deathton game.


Now, without spoiling your time, the list of Robot Death Rate Codes for 2017 and 2018 has been updated.


Rolex Deathrans Codes were issued for 2017 and 2018

Code release date awards

YAYGEMS June 19, 2018 50 Gems

November 03, 2017 25 jewels, 25 coins

Birthday wishes June 15, 2017 25 jewels

50th to 22th April 2017 250 coins

Note: The confirmation of the working hours of these codes has not yet been confirmed, but we can still say that the code is as old as possible, it is likely to work. Do not lose hope in the end; Can we still try them all?


Robot's DeadTran Code 2017


How do I redeem robotics death codes?

Open the game at the lower left bottom of the game screen to unlock the death code. You will see a button named "Open Shop", click on it. The game store opens, you now go to the "Code" tab (the tab with the Twitter icon) and you see the code bar and redemption button against it. Now enter the code in the code line and click "redeem!" Press the button. If your code is still valid, you will receive such awards immediately for free gemstones and coins.


Robots Deaththon Gameplay

In this game there is a runner and a killer. The runner reaches the end when the killer tries to kill the runner before he reaches the end. Many runner stops obstacles and obstacles for each runner, like a standard runner game. The only purpose of the runner to reach the end of the track is to win this game.


This game was divided into 3 difficulties with different map locations. Simple, Medium and Hard Levels


Runners can collect coins during the game and after finishing they can take more bonus coins. There is another currency in this game named James. Both coins and gems are used to purchase game items such as 20% coin boost, 20% XP boost, 20% killer boost, and VIP access. Gems are a premium currency and can be purchased by real money / robins or by redeeming the code for a death-granted developer.


Besides the Robotine Death Penalty Code quoted above, you can also get gems / in-game items with your gown from your account. Do not worry if your inventory is empty, then the best solution to fill with real-time online methods. You can use this guide to get free clothes in your account, and you can easily use it to buy jewels.


Every time with more than 750 active users, Robotics Datharon is the most exciting game for you, which is available to play and enjoy the best experience for you. It's a multiplayer online game that can be played by 15 players at one time in one game.


For more upcoming codes, visit Robox Addiction in the future as we update our list of lists for all our friends and users every day.


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