What Everyone Ought To Know About ClearStream 4MAX


ClearStream 4MAX UHF/VHF TV Antenna



Best performance among all Antennas rated in the 70 Mile range category [note: location, obstructions, and building materials effect reception]


Receive free TV from networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS, Univision, MeTV and more in Full HD 1080 where available


Dedicated UHF and VHF multi-directional elements deliver range and reception in below ideal businesses. Beam angle: 470 to 698MHz: 45 degrees horizontal Plane reception pattern


Includes clear stream 4Max antenna, 20in mount, all-weather mounting hardware, and instructions (coaxial cable sold separately)


Lifetime warranty on parts



70+ Mile Range


The ClearStream 4MAX TV antenna represents a break-through in advanced antenna technology, offering both UHF and Hi-VHF frequencies in a concise form. With durable, lightweight, premium materials for maximum performance, the ClearStream 4MAX antenna has quick-connect assembly and includes 20-inch mast, along with an adjustable mast clamp for convenient and convenient installation.



The proof is previously patented technology


The ClearStream MAX series is engineered to answer customer a greater range of frequencies, with a wide beam angle to capture signals from widely spaced broadcast towers without having to rotate the antenna.



Range: 70+ miles


Dimensions: 17"L x 28.25"W x 3.75"D


Weight: 2 lbs., 11oz.


Gain: UHF 11 dBi and VHF 2.5


Connector: 75 ohm F-connector


Color: Black


Warranty: Lifetime on parts


Includes a 20-inch mast, adjustable mast clamp, and mounting hardware



Assembly and Installation


With quick-connect assembly, this antenna cuts the setup time fifty percent! It has a distinctive style, high-performance benefits, and the ClearStream 4MAX has an assortment of 70+ miles, along with dedicated UHF and VHF multi-directional elements that deliver range and reception in less-than-ideal locations. The 4MAX is designed for attic and outdoor installations in suburban and rural locations where heavy foliage or roofing materials can aid in reducing the incoming signal.





There numerous advantages to installing your TV antenna outdoors maybe the basement. Installing the antenna as high up as possible will lead to fewer obstructions and less interference (noise) from electronic products in your living destination. A single attic/outdoor antenna can service multiple TVs at a time full. If your home had satellite or paid cable service before, the coaxial cable needed to transmit the antenna's signal for all your TVs is already installed.





Download vehicles Antenna Point app and locate the over-the-air TV broadcast towers serving location. Antenna Point allows you prefer to only all television transmitting towers in place and shows the distance to each tower. The app will identify where you are and supply TV coverage zone, you can quickly find out the antenna you want to know purchasing is powerful enough to receive all for this available tv channels. Or visit antennapoint.com and enter your zip procedure.





Our goods and service are probably the most effective in the business. We are so confident material happy with each other purchase in which back them with one belonging to the industrys latest information guarantees; your life warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship for as long as you own the product.





Matthew Hooper


5.0 coming from 5 stars Finally getting all the channels I should get


October 4, 2017


Style: 60 MileVerified Purchase


I rarely write reviews for any products but felt compelled to write one to do this antenna. Right here is the third antenna that I attempted and the 1st two from other companies commonly pull every channel available in my area. I set this one up indoors and performed a channel scan and antenna performed flawlessly and pulled in every station in the course of market place. If you don't want to go through the hassle of trial and error with purchasing antennas just time savings and purchase this one, point it in buying direction, and perform a channel scan and it is going to work.Be guaranteed to use a good shielded coax cable for your targeted connection that means you do not bleed signal loss or get interference from the coax touching other cable connections. Quality connections and coax is crucial for any installation but this antenna solved all my troubles in 10 minutes and I only installed it indoors on the entertainment center next to my Pc. If you are mounting it outside, I would expect even better performance.





5.0 out of 5 stars Transformed My Over-The-Air Viewing Experience!


March 11, 2018


Style: 60 MileVerified Purchase


I cut the cord and have been without satellite television for years, streaming my primary viewing needs. Couple of different methods times, however, when streaming doesn't work and extremely best solution is picking up broadcasts over-the-air. After struggling with standard rabbit ears that did not do task (I could only lift a few stations with barely tolerably viewing quality) I thought you would see n' t simply could improve situation along with a better aerial. After reading the reviews, I opt for Antenna Clearstream 2Max 60 Mile Black. It is represented with regard to indoor/outdoor and comes having a stand for indoor start using. I thought if this didn't work, or looked horrible, on surface of my entertainment armoire, I would run a cable towards attic and attempt it at hand. As it turned out, this had been not necessary. The antenna was easy collection up straight out of software program and it's design (and flat black color) is unobtrusive my entire life unappealing. Six Ideas For ClearStream 4MAX of modern sculpture for your top of the entertainment center. Most importantly, this antenna transformed my over-the-air viewing experience! Now i receive nearly 30 channels with great clarity and without interruption - all the major networks and a good channel focused entirely on science fiction movies! This really is the best home entertainment purchase I have made for a while!



John Peter


5.0 out of 5 stars Great reception, attic install, peace of mind.


April 20, 2018


Style: 60 MileVerified Purchase


We've been running many of amplified blade antennas in the house prior to getting this. They worked, but were at the mercy of weather and foliage disturbance. This antenna, mounted within attic, produces a much better signal, amplified, than the the ones we had stuck to our walls.



I spliced into RG6 cable had been previously supplying a signal from a cable company and feed every TV in our family from this antenna.



I endorse this aerial!!!



K Griffee


4.0 from your 5 stars Finally, an antenna that allowed us to cut the cord.


March 24, 2018


Style: 70 MileVerified Purchase


According for the range websites, we live only about 35 miles from our main broadcast towers (but I've always thought had been a bit further than that.) We still were getting crappy reception the majority of antennas. This one, and also the awesome support from Antennas Direct, finally enabled us to cancel satellite TV service. We did add grids on the antenna with a signal splitter/amplifier to improve picture good. One of our TVs has an awful digital tuner, so we already had another amplifier that improves that unit's reception and used an android app to verify we were pointing on the inside right guidance. Now, every TV in our house is to get about 50+ channels. Lots them are repeated broadcasts (several NBC affiliates, any...), but we're super contented.



We obtained super cheap umbrella stand and placed it on some plywood up from the attic. A straight metal pole from the stand serves as a great mast for that antenna and allowed us to adjust the directional aim for most satisfactory channel reception (the antenna mount J poles didn't give us enough flexibility of movement as we searched for the best reception) We acquire a lot of wind, UV rays, and snow that made us hesitant to mount this or other plastic antennas outside on your eave.



Really prepared to have free tv augmented with some internet exploding.



Marc S i9000. Goldhamer


5.0 away from 5 stars GREAT FREE STREAMING HD ANTENNA!


January 27, 2018


Style: 70 MileVerified Purchase


Fantastic HD, antenna! Here’s A Quick Way To Solve The ClearStream 4MAX Problem , but as my pops said to me, "You can get spit or Shineola!" I have always followed his concept, of paying a much more to obtain the best as opposed to being sorry later. Like a Father myself, I have tried to instill this same ideal to the children. I mounted the Clearstream Antenna in my attic, incase I constructed the large screen, TV to accept digital stations, I was blown away from. I now can watch 37 'FREE' channels! The picture is as clear not really better than cable or satellite, systems which I've had up until recently! The only draw to be able to this antenna, is whenever one were to attache it to the roof of your home, you need to no built in ground installation. Yes, I know this is OLD SCHOOL, but in this age of streaming, a citizen must still be inventive to help keep ahead of the game. So, getting in ClearStream 4MAX Secrets Revealed to my one con, issue; if you do mount it to your roof, make sure you keep an eye on correct grounding treatment. This is not covered in the instructions! Viewed as save you with a lot of problems, protect your investment, and save a lot of money in replacement costs,