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Management, as the name implies, 香港工作簽證is a category of training management personnel subjects. Management science is closely related to economics, and the study of management science contains most of the knowledge of economics.

What are the subject specializations in 小學練習management

Management includes five primary 碩士課程兼讀disciplines: management science and engineering, business management, public administration, agricultural economic management, and library information and archival management.

There are no second-level disciplines under science and engineering, which are management majors enrolled directly as first-level disciplines.

Business Administration Management System contains 5 second-level disciplines (majors): Accounting, Business Financial Management, Tourism Resource Management, Economics and Management of Technological Development and Business Administration.

Public administration also includes 5 majors in administration, social medicine and health management, education economics and management, social security, and land resources management.

Agricultural economic management includes two majors in agricultural economic management and forestry economic management.

Library intelligence and archives management includes three majors in librarianship, intelligence and archives.

Job prospects of management studies examination

Management is also a relatively popular major, the employment prospects of each major is still very good, plus some majors do not test mathematics, test mathematics is not very difficult, so each year the number of people applying for management is also very large.

Management Science and Engineering

After graduation, the graduate students of this major can go to the country to carry out administrative resource management related departments, large and medium-sized enterprises mainly engaged in decision-making consulting and other aspects of management capabilities.

Tourism Management

Tourism resource management is a profession with a very bright job market prospect for enterprises, which has been affected by some important effects in recent years due to the epidemic, but it does not affect the technical development of the profession.

Tourism scenic spots, production and sales of tourism goods, tourism transportation, tourism recreation, new accommodation and hospitality, etc. are too much guidance for the graduates of this specialty.

Library Science

With the development of science and technology, library management has entered the digital era, library archive management needs a large number of professionals, and the employment prospects of specialization are very broad.

Graduates of this major can be engaged in information consulting and archives management in libraries. They can also work as book editors in publishing houses; they can also go to museums to do information management and other jobs.

Intelligence Studies

Intelligence is the study of intelligence of a business information for management class, employment is relatively wide, the graduates of this major can go to the information technology resource system development and services limited company, intelligence research institute, etc. to work in education-related personnel.

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