Hairstyle Trends For 2011 , ladies - it's time to put away that crimson lipstick you've been rocking all fall and winter. Same goes for those deep, dark shades of nail polish. Go ahead and hold the black liner, though. You never know when that might come in handy.

Ballerina bun- Sarah Jessica Parker, a fashionista all on her own, adds elegance to her look with a bun. To duplicate this trend secure the hair tightly to your high ponytail using an elastic ponytail holder. Twist the ponytail into a tight rope. Wrap hair rope tightly just around the ponytail base. Use several hair pins to secure the bun.

There are extensive flat irons on the market, business women who like to keep plan beauty trends require that a flat iron in their head of hair care strategy. The Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline is really a solid flat iron for most women. It has a variable temperature, not possitioned on all flat irons.

Remember, emphasize either your eyes or the lips, not both. Leave the associated with your face neutral, with only a light application of foundation even a minimal brush of mascara. The natural look is located in for eyebrows, so be heedful not to over-tweeze.

Bright, wide-awake eyes- Feeling tired? To be seen up the tired eyes simply trade in your black liner for bright. Just line your bottom lashes to instantly brighten eyesight.

6) The flip. The structure from the roaring 20's is back as are visible at firearm control awards series. This style has always been equated with glitz and glamour. It really is another easy style and is easy preserve. The flip goes with almost any makeup regimen. All the stars have worn this do at some time or another - from Jodie Foster to Rita Garbo.

5) The Fullet. The female version of your mullet. Simply like bad not really worse, but, once again it is making a comeback. Maybe that means the Bangles will make a comeback and? Heavy makeup is typical with this do.

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