Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11
Microsoft Windows 3.11
Microsoft Windows 3.1
Microsoft Windows 3.0 with Multimedia
Microsoft Windows 3.0
Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22
Microsoft Office 4.3 Professional
Microsoft Money 3.0
Microsoft Bob 1.00a
Microsoft Bob 1.00a Gateway 2000 Edition
Great Greetings 1.0a for Microsoft Bob
Microsoft Publisher 2.0
Microsoft Publisher Design Pack
Microsoft Publisher StyleLine Design Pack
Microsoft Publisher Special Occasions Design Pack
Microsoft Works 3.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01
Microsoft IntelliPoint 1.1
Windows Media Player 5.2
Microsoft Saturn Screen Saver
Microsoft Scenes 1.0 Impressionist Collection
Microsoft Scenes 1.0 Sierra Club Nature Collection
Microsoft Scenes 1.0 Outer Space Collection
Microsoft Scenes 2.0 Brain Twister Collection
Microsoft Scenes 2.0 Flight Collection
Microsoft Scenes 2.0 Hollywood Collection
Microsoft Scenes 2.0 Sierra Club Nature Collection
Microsoft Scenes 2.0 Sports Extremes Collection
Microsoft Scenes 2.0 Stereogram Collection
Microsoft Scenes 2.0 Undersea Collection
Microsoft Scenes 2.0 Sierra Club Wildlife Collection
Microsoft SoundBits Hanna-Barbera
Microsoft Soundbits Hollywood Movies
Microsoft SoundBits Musical Instruments
Microsoft TrueType Font Pack
Microsoft TrueType Font Pack 2
Microsoft Video for Windows 1.1e
Microsoft Win32s 1.25a
Microsoft Win32s 1.30c
Microsoft WinG 1.0
Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack
Microsoft Arcade
Microsoft Golf Multimedia Edition 1.0
Microsoft Golf 2.0
Microsoft Entertainment Pack 1
Microsoft Entertainment Pack 2
Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3
Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4
Microsoft Creative Writer 1.1
Microsoft Fine Artist 1.1b
Microsoft Complete Baseball Guide 1995 Edition
Microsoft Bookshelf 95
Microsoft Cinemania 95
Microsoft Encarta 95
Microsoft Explorapedia: The World of Nature
Microsoft Explorapedia: The World of People
Microsoft Productivity Pack
Microsoft 500 Nations
Microsoft Ancient Lands
Microsoft Art Gallery
Microsoft Dangerous Creatures
Microsoft Dinosaurs
Microsoft Dogs
Microsoft Julia Child: Home Cooking with Master Chefs
Microsoft Wine Guide