HBO's Top 10 Family Films For a Relaxed Evening At Home, Max

It's time to settle in with the whole family and enjoy a fantastic movie night at home after a long day of school and work. But what should you watch? With so many streaming alternatives, finding something that appeals to everyone's tastes might be as difficult as ordering pizza for everyone. Don't be concerned. HBO Watch Party We've got you covered if you're looking for zany musicals, outrageous adventures, charming fantasy, sweet nostalgia, or fresh fun. Plus, they're all fantastic with popcorn!


Don Bluth is the director of Anastasia, The Secret of NIMH, and An American Tail, among other renowned animated films. However, this 1989 adventure, about a stray dog who hustles the skies but recovers his soul, may be the most enjoyable in his career. Burt Reynolds lent his bluster and voice to Charlie B. Barkin, a rogue dog who seeks vengeance on the competitor who banished him to the hereafter. Despite its grim premise, Charlie's sympathetic spot for an orphan child in need gives All Dogs Go to Heaven a delicious sweetness. This wicked canine goes out to do good with the help of his whining sidekick (Dom DeLuise).


The premise of this 2019 film is so absurd that it's surprising it was filmed at all. However, Troy Quane and Nick Bruno's high-concept comedy soars into glorious silliness as a result. As an unusual team of heroes, Will Smith and Tom Holland feature. Lance Sterling (Smith) is a slick super spy who never fails on a mission. That is, until he meets Walter Beckett (Holland), a socially awkward inventor who has created a potion that can change a human into a pigeon. One erroneous swig, and—poof! Sterling resembles a bird.


You can choose from more than 50 seasons of Sesame Street on HBO Max. But don't ignore Ken Kwapis' fantastic 1985 feature picture, which takes these famous Muppets on a wild road trip throughout America. When Big Bird (Caroll Spinney) is brought to live with a feathered family far away from his friends, turmoil ensues. He decides to hitchhike back to Sesame Street after realising that home is where your heart is. Meanwhile, Cookie Monster, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, Burt, and Ernie, among others, set out to find him. A series of misadventures, song numbers, and celebrity cameos, including Waylon Jennings, Chevy Chase, Sandra Bernhard, and John Candy, will be included along the way. They all enjoy this fantastic world, whether they are humans or Muppets.