As the demand for digital marketing increased many companies started to provide this service and some of them who provided quality work are still there while others have not made any profit. The list of top 10 companies are as follows:

D Amies Technologies
It provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions in harmony with design and technology. It is full-service digital marketing that provides innovative solutions.

Services provided:
a) Digital Audit
b) SEO
c) SEM
d) Social Media Marketing
e) Web Design Services
f) Offshore Web Development Services

2. SEO.com
It is an online marketing firm for more than 10 years. They are also Google partners and have worked with more than 500 startups so if you are looking for a more established and experienced company, you should definitely approach SEO.com.

​Services provided:
a) Social media marketing
b) SEM
c) Web design and development
d) App development
e) Content marketing
f) Pay-Per-Click advertisement

3. Marketing Masala
They are working with growing startups and established brands across 4 continents. User acquisition, conversion rate optimization, and lead generation are the there area of expertise.

​Services provided:
a) Digital advertising
b) Growth Hacking
c) Social Media Marketing
d) Consulting
e) Inbound marketing

4. Page Traffic
It was founded in the year 2002 with the objective of empowering e-commerce. Now they are trusted for their expertise and experience.

Services provided:
a) Global SEO
b) Local SEO
c) E-commerce SEO
d) Enterprise SEO
e) Paid Search marketing
f) App store optimization
g) Custom Web Design
h) Social Media Marketing and many more

​5. Rams Creative Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
They are privately held, government registered software development organization based in India with a global customer base. They have a team comprises of young and highly motivated professionals. They design, develop, test and deliver fascinating games and apps for the mobile platform.
Their software building skills envelope consoles as well.

Services provided:
a) Web design
b) Web development
c) Digital marketing
d) Games
e) Mobile app
f) Salesforce
g) Blockchain

6. Even Digit
Even’ symbolizes transparency, ethics, and honesty while ‘Digit’ signifies flourishing, evaluation and improvement that they constantly strive for. They have pledged to provide quality with total commitment and crystalline transparency.
Services provided:
a) Social media marketing
b) E-mail marketing
c) Local SEO
d) Video production
e) E-commerce SEO
f) Content marketing

7. Techmagnate
Their vision is to deliver transformational growth through digital excellence for 100 customers by 2020.

Services provided:
a) Search optimization
b) Content marketing
c) Website designing
d) Digital marketing
e) Pay per click
f) Reputation management

8. Webchutney
It is creative at heart and digital at the core. It was started in 1999. They have also been awarded for more than 300 times for their outstanding work. It is ranked 1 as the digital agency and has worked with more than 190 clients. They have 3 Indian Unicorns as clients and the top 4 out of top 10 advertisers have partnered with them.

Services provided:
a) Social
b) Media
c) Web
d) Mobile
e) Video
f) Innovation
g) Search