hello everyone,

we are so sorry these last weeks, we were very busy with the issue of SKE DE and we have not been able to answer everyone.

the team has worked hard for several days to resolve this issue and
today we have made a big migration of our servers to support SKY DE on both CCCAM & OSCAM but you must have the new version of cccam (CCcam 2.3.8), for OSCAM you need version 11517.

we are very happy to be the first cccam & IPTV provider that found a solution that works for CCCAM using version CCcam 2.3.8 (this is a great option for our customer that can't switch to OSCAM).


##### for OSCAM users your reader should look like this:

protocol = cccam
device = HOSTNAME_SERVER_OR_IP,12555
user = xxxxxx
password = xxxxx
inactivitytimeout = 30
disablecrccws_only_for = 0500:030B00,050F00;098C:000000;09C4:000000
group = 1
blockemm-unknown = 1
blockemm-u = 1
blockemm-s = 1
blockemm-g = 1
cccversion = 2.3.2
ccckeepalive = 1
audisabled = 1


Note: Please note that only servers with the port 12555 that work, so please delete all servers with a different port.

Servers are upgraded till now are:

All servers are working now 

we still have some freeze on some decoders and we are working on that

Best regards

#1 Provider.