Pillows - spoiled for choice!

Which pillow brings restful sleep?
Finding the right pillow is custom-made. It is good if you can test sample cushions at home in peace and extensively. The large selection of pillow shapes and fillings makes the decision difficult. Without expert advice and individual adaptation to personal needs, you shouldn't buy a pillow. Good bed stores, such as the bed depot in Mönchengladbach, offer the important service and this is the only way to avoid bad purchases.

Can the right pillow help with neck pain?
Headache and neck tension in the morning? How can you survive the day? If you spend hours sitting at the PC during the day, it is important to relax on the right pillow at night. The wrong pillow provides insufficient support for the neck. The cervical spine is not properly positioned and sags. The result is that the vertebral bodies press against each other on the sagging side and even nerves can be pinched. Furthermore, the muscles try to compensate for the lack of support and to hold the heavy head. This also leads to tension during sleep and prevents the neck muscles from recovering at night.

Which pillow for which sleeper? Back - belly or side sleeper?
There is a large selection of pillows. The classic feather pillow 80/80 or 40/80, pillow for allergy sufferers, pillow with natural hair filling and neck support pillow or even special side sleeper pillow. A total of 300 different pillow types are offered and about 3 new ones are added every month. You should first remember that a new pillow should be purchased every 5 years.

For the cuddly sleeper: The 80/80 feather pillow is suitable for cuddling, but is not recommended as a support for the neck.

The back sleeper: He needs a flat pillow. The size 40/80 can be recommended here, since the pillow is only under the head and the shoulder can lie directly on the mattress. The head is prevented from kinking and the spine remains straight.

The belly sleeper: 10% are real belly sleeper and need a special pillow. Without a pillow, the muscles contract. If you are lying on your stomach half twisted, you need special advice in a specialist bed shop. This emergency sleeping posture is caused by a bad mattress and urgently needs to be changed.

The side sleeper: There is a special side sleeper pillow. This pillow combines the advantages of several pillows in a special 7 shape. It is a pleasantly supportive pillow, which relieves the neck and shoulder area and at the same time offers a perfect leg support. The stable leg rest keeps the spine in balance and at the same time cushions the knees. The sum of the positive factors promotes a restful sleep on your side and the prone position advised by many doctors is easier to avoid. You can try this pillow in the bed depot in Mönchengladbach.

What should an allergy sufferer look out for?
Affected people do not necessarily have to switch to synthetic fibers when buying pillows, because there are mite-proof covers for allergy sufferers. These encasings are impermeable to mites and washable at 60 ° C. Allergy sufferers can use all common filling materials for their pillows.

Can you wash a pillow?
You can wash down and feather pillows in the washing machine at up to 60 °. Fine detergents for wool and silk are used as detergents. To dry, Check it out can put the pillow in the dryer along with tennis balls in a gentle cycle. To get a good result, you have to switch off the dryer moisture sensor because the ticking is quicker to dry than the filling.

What is a neck support pillow?
Neck support pillows ensure that the cervical vertebrae can lie relaxed. The neck support pillow works by holding the head horizontally on a foam or latex block and therefore cannot bend in the area of ​​the cervical vertebra. Since there is a wide range of shapes and material mix for the neck support pillow range, it is absolutely necessary that the suitable pillow is filtered out by trial lying. The bed specialist shop is also the competent contact here, as the specific sleeping habits and anatomical peculiarities are dealt with during the preliminary discussion and the wide range can be narrowed down. The bed depot in Mönchengladbach also offers comprehensive, competent service here.

Expert tip:
The more neck problems you have, the longer you have to try it out. At least 15-30 minutes. You should also try the pillow on the same bed system you will use the pillow on later. Because pillows, mattresses and slatted frames always work as one.