Pool Table Wall Rack Afton Requires Zero Tool Assembly


Pool Table Wall Rack Afton presents a huge frame of racks to hold the cues, table brush, table cover, billiard balls, cues.The racks come in the variants of 32 pieces, 8 pieces, 6 piece pool cue and many more. Many of the wall racks comes with a flexible rubber cue clips which can hold the sticks tightly. There are many handcrafted pine billiard cues which can rack much number of cues for professional players. The grooves in the base can hold upto 16 balls and glass holder provision. There are rustic look cue holders that are made out of natural dying process and give a great look when stamped in the game room.


Our premium grade Pool Table Wall Rack Afton furniture is made of solid of good hardwood with improved mounting on the walls. Our racks are space saving, very easy to align and assemble. The design and material makes it an elegant piece to display in the game room. Most of the racks are framed with drinks holder in the upper floor and balls and cues in the lower floor.


Buy Perfect Precision Balls From Pool Balls Lumpkin County


Pool Balls Lumpkin County replaces the lost ball from your pool set. It is very common that you may lose balls while playing and it’s not wise to replace the entire ball set. Here you can order even single piece ball.  We also provide the widest option of supplying the standard balls with without and you can paste the stickers or graphic designer pieces for the ball identification. We supply this ball in yellow, red, green, brown, black, blue and pink. The single replacement ball comes with the ball number of 1 ball,2 ball, 3 ball, 4 ball,5 ball, 6 ball, 7 ball,8 ball, 9 ball, 10 ball,11 ball, 12 ball, 13 ball, 14 ball and 15 ball. Just click the lost ball number and you will get colour selection along the numbers.


Pool Balls Lumpkin County are made of high quality poly resin and each ball is perfectly calibrated for the polish perfection. There are choices of used and new balls available for sale and the choice of buying can be made with the various available sizes. All these balls are designed for the best consistency playing. The solid balls and the striped balls have been tested for consistency of American and English style play. There are also options to gift this ball with the gift card or a thanks note. The shining and smooth balls can also be boxed with a rack. The weight of the ball is approximately 6.8 lbs and the dimension includes 24*24*7.


Check Out The Amazing Features Of Pool Table Felt Springdale


7 ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10 ft felt cover is available in Pool Table Felt Springdale and the varied colours of gold, burgandy, navy, orange, purple, black, brown, pink, green and grey. Our felt cloth is well fabricated to give the maximum shots and the genuine wool in the fabric does not create damage with the rolling of the ball.




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