5 Reasons to Get New Home Inspection in Tarneit

A new home inspection in Tarneit can provide you benefits that overweight its cost many times.

There are many important reasons why a home builder should always get a new home inspection when building a new home.  Building a new home is an exciting experience with the option to pick out a number of rooms, design, paint color, floor covering, and other utilities. In this excitement of figuring out the final look and feel of the property, do not forget to get a new home inspection conducted by a qualified building inspector.

It is important to have a qualified and experienced new home inspector right from the beginning of the construction. This provides you the inspector option to investigate minute details during the different stages of inspection.

But, if the home is almost complete by the time you decide to buy it, it is still significantly beneficial to hire a building inspector.  A walk-through with the builder is not good enough as many builders hide the building defects. You need professional inspecting the property for you. Here is why you should get a new home inspection when building a home in Tarneit:

  1. New homes have all sorts of defects: Constructing a new home is a complex process involving many different contractors, subcontractors, and workers each working on a different aspect of the house. These contractors and workers focus on their part of the work without any regard for other house systems. With so many activities taking place at the same time, it is almost impossible for the main builder to keep tapping on everything. Even the best builders are prone to miss something.
  2. Official inspection is not the same as new home inspection: The purpose of the local municipal building inspection is to verify compliance with building code and guidelines. These building codes and guidelines are minimum standards. While most municipal inspectors perform their duty to their best, the factors and scope of their inspection prevent these inspections from being enough.
  3. The problems found in time can be fixed in time: There are can be many problems that may need repair involving dust and noise. A problem found before buying the house can be fixed before moving into your new house and save you from dealing with noise and dust. It also protects you from the inconvenience of having to stay home from work. There may be minor touch-ups that can be carried out after you move in.
  4. Defects can be repaired before deteriorating: There are many defects that deteriorate with time and cause serious accidents or damage. Safety items such as gas leaks need to be fixed immediately to protect your family. Similarly, a wall crack may have an underlying serious reason which if not addressed in time can lead to the collapse of the building. Missing insulation in the roof cavity can result in higher utility bills.
  5. It matters at resale: When you decide to resell your property after a few years from the building, it is very likely that the buyer will get the home inspection done. At this time, deficiencies that date back to the original construction will be discovered. These problems could have been easily fixed if you would have hired a new home inspector in the first place.


The good news is that investing in a new home inspection can pay itself many times over both monetarily and with peace of mind. You can feel confident and safe that all the problems are identified and corrected before you move in. Click new home inspection Tarneit for the best free quotes.